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OFF- Course// What Correction

The title seems to be inetersting after the one below!
Its an instersting Irony..

I usually complaint about not liking people who are too negative! But here , Today I find my OWN self in a complete negative spiral...
and No.. Its not like the usual excuse, that i dunno why
I do..
But that is where the interesting challenge comes in!!
Yeah the Simple Bold fails to Highlight the importance of the Pain and pleasure that Knowing can bring!!

Knowledge can be power, but hey.. dont forget.. the same when viewed in light of " Ignorance is bliss"..its pretty different

I am still trying to locate innovative ways to Re-boot my self...
well am at a little loss!!

"every decision is taken at the moment , with the knowledge in THAT moment...

and the apprehension of the uncertain future combined with the current knowledge of the In-ability to completely Un-do past decisions is is way too much to bear at times"


Course Correction

I Just downloaded, a copy of this Blog as a PDF.
Something I wanted to do!
Not that it is already a big book, But just wanted to, after its Year was completed.

Today Some course correction was initiated. I started with a report on Mutual Funds, something whcih was being postponed for a long time.
I started it!
( yes, as a good friend of mine MJ also says, " Initiation of something , anything, is a BIG task, Not to Unmnetion the next bigger is towards the end)

Even though I was not exactly motivated by the Anon quote in Times of India today," I you want to feel richer, count all that you h ave, which money cannot Buy"....
I was going thru an old diary and this blog of mine...
I realised, How much change has actually caught on in my own life.

All thru' when I kep thinking that lifes not moving.. It was zipping by.

Like "N" says.."time aurPaisa nikalna padta hai "( you have to take out money and time for anything with a special effort)

So I sat late, Initiatin…