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Jewel Rays said…
Hello MR Dazzzling!! *big big smiles*

Wow..thats a pretty flower.:) is that for me? ahems..

Scintz is wondering..??:P hehe..

really pretty!!

love how its faces up and lets in a view of its behind. Nice stuff..:)

vishesh said…
Moi said…
loves me, loves me not????
@ Jewel:

Of course maam!!


Tks pal!
@ Moi:

Well Have chosen the flower, but no girl to start the One-Two-One-Two of loves and nay!!
Anonymous said…
awww upper upper!! i want to see abhi-chan lol
that shirt is cool!!
Keshi said…
was that beautiful pink flower for my bday? Cos u put this post up on the 25th of June yeyyyyy!

Radha said…
Why are you hiding in the pic??
@ Nikki:

ull find me at lot of places..
orkut//other blogs
@ Kehi:
He Hee

Happy birthday again!!
@ Radha:
No Me not hiding

me got hid
Michelle said…
pretty flowerrr :D
Shruti said…
Bastet said…
Looking at both sides of the coin, are we? :)
J said…
fading like a flower- Roxette
Megster said…
Pretty flower Abhishek:) Is that your reflection in the mirror?
Moi said…
hello, did we lose you to that abhorrent thing called Life???? where are u ???
How do we know said…
hey nice pic.. specially since it took some time to realise the ease with which u took this pic!
@ michelle, @ Shruti : Tks

@ Bastet:

Oh Yeah..
its the same this time?
well it never is right?
@ megster:



yes it is
dharmabum said…
thats a nice snap. and i like that kurta. wil bum it off u someday maybe? :)

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