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Mum's the word!

..HE said
".. Can yo do me a favour..? Thank you mom on behalf of me... for without herI wouldn't have had a nice friend like you..Happy mothers dad to your mom "
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Mother's Day in various languages(wikipedia)
(af): Moedersdag
(al): Dita e Nënës (8 Marsi)
(ar) : يوم الأمّ (Eid Al-Omm)
(hy) : Մայրության օր (Mayrutyan or)
(ber) : tameγra n tyemmat
(bg) : Ден на майката
(bs) : dan majki
(ca) : Dia de la Mare
(ch) : 母亲节 or 母親節 (mǔ qīn jié)
(hr) : Majčin dan
(cz) : Den Matek
(da) : Mors dag
(Dh):މަންމައިންގް ދުވަސް
(nl) : Moederdag
(de) : Muttertag
(el) : Γιορτή της Μητέρας
(et) : Emadepäev
(dar) : روز مادر (Ruz-e Madar)
(fi) : Äitienpäivä
(fo) : Mammudagur
(fr) : (La) Fête des mères
(he) : (he) יום האם (Yom ha-em)
(hi) : (hi) Matru din
(hr) : Majčin dan
(hu) : anyák napja
(ga) : Lá na Mháithair
(is) : Mæðradagur
(id) : Hari Ibu
(ie):lá an mháthair
(it) : (La) Festa della mamma
(ja) : 母の日 (Haha no Hi)
(ka) : ತಾಯಂದಿರ ದಿನ(thayandira dina)
(kor) : 어머님 날 (Uh-muh-neem nal)
(lv) : Mātes diena
(lt) : Motinos diena
(ms) : Hari Ibu
(ma) : Ammamar Dinam
(mt) : Jum l-Omm
(mu): Bonne fête mamie dou!
(mgl) : Eejiin bayar / Eh ursiin udur
(me) : Dan majki / Дан мајки
(no) : Morsdag
(per) : روز مادر (Rouz-e Maadar)
(pl) : Dzień Matki
(pt) : (O) Dia da Mãe - Brazil: Dia das Mães
(ro) : Ziua femeii ("Woman's Day")
(ru) : День Матери
(es) : Día de la Madre
(sk) : Deň matiek
(sl) : Materinski dan
(sv) : Mors dag
(sh) : Liepstacoq Bua
(ta) : Araw ng mga Ina/Nanay
(tam) : Annaiyar Dhinam
(th) : วันแม่ [wɑn mɛː]
(tel) : Amma Dinam
(tr) : Anneler Günü
(ua) : Свято Матері
(vi) : Ngày của Mẹ (officially Ngay quoc te Nu - International Womens Day )
(cy) : Sul y Mamau


Moi said…
there are so precious, aren't they:)
wish ur mom a beautiful and charmed life...:)
Jas Bhambra said…
Happy Mom's day to you mom, Abhsihek. Beautiful picture! :)
Jas Bhambra said…
please always ignore my typos! :)
Jewel Rays said…
Awww...Thats such a nice post Abhishek.:) And u look good in that picture.

What a nice son to post a post like that to mothers!! haha:D

@ MOi:
Gee! tks a tonne, will pass ur wishes to her!!
@ Jassi Ji!!

Hahas okie
will not mind
@ jewel rays:

wowie, complement!!
hee hee tks
but my mom looks better..
Mr. J said…
You are tagged
priya said…
So special and nice one.
Radha said…
How sweet!! Has your mom seen this post? She must be so touched!
vishesh said… know a lot of many do you actually speak??
Rauf said…
Sure mom looks very happy, must be proud of her son. they all are.

Thanks for stopping by Abhishek
my active blog is 'Daylight again'

Thank you once again and my regards to your mom.
vishesh said…

can i add you to my blog roll??
Trinnie said… sweet!
@ Priya: Gee tks a lot!
@ Rich:
@ Radha:
Yes I emailed it to her, but shes unluckily, not that net savvy, but , she has seen it!
@ Vishes:
currently just 3.5!!
@ Rauf : hey tks a lot

YOU HAVE an amazing blog!!
would love to meet up some time sir!!
@ Trinnie:

@ Vishes:
Buddy you dont need to ask yaar!!

***( Sorry am removing the pic...)

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