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Yeah even when u think all fits, you notice quite a few things dont.
The latest curveball my boss threw during the appraisal, threw me in a spin. Why am I feeling again that I am not supposed to be in this job? And If I am not then,...what? Should I also move out of the city!!.. what to do..!!
shoudl not spend a lot of time in putting the puzzle pieces,
Maybe life is more of living the puzzle than making all the sense, maybe its someone else's job!!


vishesh said…
lol life is a puzzle right.....we have to wait till all the pieces turn up....till then it is all a patient wait.....
Trinnie said…
oh now ur the latest one with a job-related problem that i know of after john!
no dont move outta the city pls... this too shall pass! :)

btw, cud u translate the meaning of the punjabi part of the lyrics of the song, kitni-der-tak, if u can spare the time?

thanks! :)
Moi said…
:) its puzzling indeed, life is .....
Łóòň Ġãĺ said…
A jigsaw puzzle tells you that it takes time to sort it out ... but you eventually manage to do it ... if u put in enough effort and concentration ... and this is what life is all about.

Think .. and think again ... maybe its the missing piece thats troubling you ... but u do manage without it still ... similarly there are things in life you don't have ... or u have lost ... but you have to learn to live without them :)
Keshi said…
wut a great post!

I think life should be left as the puzzle that it is. putting the pieces together as u said is someone else's job.

Sarad said…
put in the elusive missing piece, like in the picture. It should be some where around there.
@ Vishes: Buddy, cant just w8 for all the pieces!!
@ TRinnie: yeah will translate that for you..
@ Moi:
:{} yeah , lets see does it solve me I solve it!!
@ Loon irl:
hey too well said,

very deep, I only doubt how you came up with something so great
( ok OK, i agree... dont yell)
@ Kehi:
yeah maybe you are right!!
hey ,, the whole life finishes in finding JUST that peice!!
looking around!!
Jewel Rays said…
First of all nice puzzle!

***Maybe life is more of living the puzzle than making all the sense, maybe its someone else's job!!

I agree totally.Its our job to figure the right piece for the right piece at the right time yet sometimes its really mind boggling. I guess thats when risk is worth a try.

T.C abhi!

DICEY said…
I admire your patience. Puzzles drive me crazy after a while.
hee hee... ha ha...(snicker cicker) :) Funny are the ways of life... I rest my case..
--Sunrise-- said…
Nah... you can worry about the missing pieces, and try and find them, of course... for every single one of your dreams is worth pursuing (or in the very least, ATTEMPTING to pursue..)... only thing is, I see your image in another way...

You have to look past what you think is missing and focus and feel the bigger picture... while looking around desperately for the small piece that could make your life picture-perfect, don't forget the rest of the beautiful picture, too...

And it is damn beautiful. Life, I mean.


PS: The jigsaw is, too. Beautiful, I mean. :)
Megster said…
hmm..yes, I'd say life is a puzzle and the best we can do is try and make the pieces fit whie living our lives...but living should be our focus, for the pieces will and do fit on their own when the time is right..
White Forest said…
i love solving puzzles!!
Radha said…
Everything does fit in its place, you just need to have patience & perseverence (Wow, i almost sound like confucius there!) :)
@ dicey:
well, its fun sometimes(only).
you need SOME time
@ SWF:
Oye CHoco girl..
stop snickering!!!!
@ Sunrise:

yeah that is so true...
focus focus focus
@ megster:
yes.. right now...right now
@ White forest:


really ..
well u sure have a lot of patience!!
@ Radha (confucius ):

well its easier said than done .. no??
starry nights said…
I think life is a is hard to make sense of it sometimes and make all the pieces fit.
messys musings said…
hey dont move till we meet up... :p
Radha said…
Agreed !! :)
Rauf said…
Love and affection is overflowing in my life Abhishek, i should be thankful, but i sincerely feel alien in the society that we have created. i simply don't fit in. Animals are a lot better off. superior and inferior within the human race bothers me all the time. i withdrew myself from the society, gave up my faith long time ago.
No, life is not a puzzle, life is simple, we made it complicated Abhishek. We still refuse to learn from the animals. We have created monsters, we have created gods saints who added to the confusion and yes now it is a puzzle.

hope you are doing fine Abhishek
Anonymous said…
wow that is very touchy!!
Yo Ho said…
Mate !! you just can't leave everytime and go whenever you are shaken or stirred , for that matter !! Life , in my view is to breathe all that that is good and bad and ugly !! :-)

(Jayada ho gaya kya? hehehehe...)

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