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पाठशाला ( The School )

Yes the पाठशाला !

It was a part of the Corporate Social Initiative.

We could Volunteer to teach the children of a Municipal( government) School, extra classes. I signed up long time back....But just never tunrned up for any meeting ... Basically Bunk.. ;)

Finally last fortnight I got in touch, took out the days when I would teach ( maths , ya thats what I could). I asked for the book (seventh Grade .. no Problem)

Aha!!॥ then the Surprise happened.. बीटा तुम्हे हिंदी या मराठी में पढना होगा !!( you need to teach in hindi or marathi)

Having done my Schooling from a convent and a non english medium skool from Chandigarh, yeah Marathi was out!!

and Hindi!!! Gawk!!! ( ok I know my hindi essays carried more spelling mistakes that the essay marks could afford, But I knew Hindi!!!) I Thought to myself.. lets see..

and then it happened, The Book!! in hindi..

Geometry (आयत , त्रिभुज , त्रिकोने , चाप .... आ आ एयो !!!)

Well this is what my studnets have taught me... ( hee !! Hee!)

After a few classes I am in the flow, But God!!

But let me tell you, It can be really challenging teaching, these SMART Alecs...!!

The smart Ass Political collegues around u in office look puny infront of these tiny -sweet looking mosnters, who wanna take ur pants off for the hell of it!!

हां! हां !
किन्तु मज़ा आया दो तीन अभ्यास पढ़ाने के बाद! अब कुत्च लगता है कि हमे भी कुत्च तो आता है , और हां कुत्च सीख भी रहे है !!


Jas Bhambra said…
I had the same experience when I had to do my classroom training for my education degree in Punjab, and in a government school where the medium of instruction was punjabi. Although I can speak and write punjabi well, all those scientific terms in Punjabi were a tad diffficult for me. Its been a long time since and Ihave forgottten what a cell or cell membrane were called in Punjabi. :)
Moi said…
:) keep up the good work.....I went thro' the same trials In b'lore due to my lack of knowledge of Kannada.....and u r so right abt these sweet-faced monsters!! I have never felt so self-conscious in my whole life as i did when I started out with them!!!
@ Jas: Hey wow!
Where in punjab sir?
U a doc?
I know..but punjabi is interesting, I think I will do a post in punjabi soon!!
then u decipher!!
Moi said…
punju bonding!! :DD
Sir, didn't bother to reply to my comments at all!!! wow!! :DDDDD
Moi Moi Moi Jee!!!
Arrrey aap toh Bura hi maann!! gaye!!!
aisa nahi hai!!
i was to reply to u... but got tied up suddenly at work!!
aisa nah hia!!
Mr. J said…
Badiya!! Tumhara hindi bhi kool hain!!
Jas Bhambra said…
LOL@ at "Punju" bonding! :)

I sure am from Punjab, Abhishek. And I am a madam, not sir! :D
And I ain't a clinical doctor, but a scientist doc! :)
I'd love to see a post written in Punjabi.

And last but not the least, thanks for visiting my blog.
@ Mr. "J":
Aherm ahem..
thank you hai jee!
@ Jas : Uh uhuhuhu! Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry !!


will look do a punju post..soon!!
:Pthough I have quite forgotton the language!!
Shitrint said…
thats some really good work u r doing! and yeah i agree my Hindi and Marathi papers contained more spelling errors than the marks afforded! :P but i passed with good marks in both subjects man! :P

good luck!
Oie!! Then how did you manage to pass eh!!
Shitrint said…
arre i slogged really hard, isliye i passed. but i never expected to come out with flying colours. thot id get only average marks! my good luck! :P
Sangita said…
first time visitor ..was nice reading your post..Maths in hindi must be a challenge.though I did not understand what is that last word u written in hindi "kutch"(don't know how to type in hindi here).By any chance did u mean geometry..Thank god I was clever taking a stint for teaching english ;-)

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