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Little did I know On the Monday morning that my boss would call me out to be in Dehradunthe next day moring before 10AM for a Meeting, handing me over SOME letter calling for a meeting for blah blah blah!!

Yes I had just got prometed on saturday last! And it seemed that my subtle desire to travel a lot got magnified a little more beofre reaching the Ever Potent Powerful Universe!!

SO by 3PM I was home packing hurriedly.

RK calls up" what about our visit to Bangalore? And next day we have to be at Aero India too!? Are we on?"

err. Oh yes!!!

"should I book the tickets for you too..?"
yayaya whatever!!

And As usual I reached a little early at the airport and... as usual, the flight was a little late!!
never-the less Iwas in deli, (not eagerly) waiting to get over with Dinner and reach H.Nizzamudin Railway station to cath the 2330 Train to Dehradun!

Reached at 6 Am!!
Yawned out to the station..
But wait
Its KKKKOLD and cloudy and wait.. its raining!!!!
I rushed to the auto...and ran...
relaxed at the room before getting ready for the 10 Am meeting!!

It was like those Physics Lectures!!( yeah I kept ..waking up!!)
before 3 and before getting free i came to be aware that Rishikesh was just 1 Hour away and I wated to attend the famout Arti scheduled at 530 PM everyday..
Before the econd split, I had decided!
SOME HOW.. at 345PM I was en-route to Rishikesh!!
Reached at 450Pm and my Uncle was theer to picke me up

From his amazing house where we could see the Ganges, I walked down through the Jhula Bridge and reached to attend the Arti!!
..( well no words can explain the experiance)
Next morning I was in Haridwar to cath my Train back to delhi...
as Usual the train delayed and I reachedby 4 Pm only!!
the bloody 8 PM Jet took off at 11Pm , due to some F@#$%ll flight which got stuck on the Tarmac and blocked all landings and take offs for 45 mins!!

Just in time to take a print and co-rdinate that I have a 630Am flight to Bangalore...!!
reached home by 1 am ..

-hit the bed by 2ish
-woke 4ish
-to reach the airport by 6ish!!
- B'lore airport and Traffic///
and more Traffic
- Then the meeting and more...
- Finally pooped out met Richie !!

The next the morning was the aero_India!!!!

Finally hit back Mumbai with Mr.Sonu Nigam( yeah in the Kingfisher flight.. those rascals stole Deo!! darm you Mallaya!!)

Yeah that !! Was my WEEK!!
and they say Promotion makes you PRO-MOTION!!!


Mr. J said…
8 PM Jet took off at 11Pm ... Can't stop laughing at that. LMAO.. You ok now I guess. When are you flying again?? :D
..hey u have become Mr.J??!
well yeah that was Jet airways..
what LMAO!?
Ash said…
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comments.

Yes, i lived close to the cottage and yes, i took the photo of the same. (All the photos that i post on my blog are taken by me!)
Yo Ho said…
Congrats !! but why face like this ----> :((
Ethan said…
congrats dude...
way "to go"...
Nandan said…
Congrats, buddy!
BTW, I have also witnessed the Ganga is simply magical.
starry nights said…
congrats Abhishek. I would love to have a house over looking the Ganges.I am sure it was awesome.
Tohou Lidia said…
You lucky person! Don't you love jobs that let you travel! Last year i got to go all around Australia - i was so happy. Being paid for by petty cash..its the best experience ever!
How do we know said…
Congratulations on the Promotion!!

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