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Order and Disorder

The order of disorder, or the disorder of the order.

The order in disorder, or the disorder in order.

I am sure you will have to re-read both the lines to know that their meanings go beyond the simple words that they are.

Have you noticed how, we want Order in our lives?
Right from the way we keep our clothes, have folders in our computers, emails,address books, groups, disvions and classficiations.. ORDER!
But how much we yearn to Break-Out of the SYSTEM. The SYSTEM of ORDER! Break queues, RUN away from the rigmarole of life. Break patterns.

The perennial conflict of the order and disorder, is what brings out Growth! Is what brings about the change and zest in life.

But how much to balance the imbalance or
How much to imbalance the balance is needed?
Is appropriate?


Bastet said…
Quite a collection of contradictions!! :) Well, I only have one thing to say -
As a rule, man is a fool,
When it's hot, he want it cool,
When it's cool, he wants it hot,
Always wanting what is not! :)
ok this one is sure in the league!!

lovely! and it agrees to my confusion!
vishesh said…
in between order,
there is a need,
there is a urge,
a lacking,
to move away-
against the inertia,
it this that creats
life and seprates
the crazy from useless.
[KILLER_X] said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
[KILLER_X] said…
We classify ourselves in Orders, too. We, humans, belong to the Primate Order. (Animal Taxonomy)

[KILLER_X] said…
We classify ourselves in Orders, too. We, humans, belong to the Primate Order. (Animal Taxonomy)

: ) . Very true how we demand order yet want to break out.

Some things are better left out of order and some things are well done when taken in order. We can’t have everything in order and everything out of order as we liked. That’s when balance plays a good part.

Everything in order would suffocate us.
And everything out of order will spoil/mess us up.
Sit back and know when to relax and when to be upright about stuff. There is a time.

Otherwise, we need to chill out and not think so much.

As they say, the more we try to dig in between the lines and perceive the underlying signs. We wear ourselves out.

: ) Cheers!
Darkling said…
my heads all messed up with that orsder disorder tongue twist
shooting star said…
only thing constant is change!!!....

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