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The Need

The need is never fulfilled
What is the need?
For starters....

Any one with a job is either overworked or Underworked ( talk to IT people on the BENCH)

You are either too Happy or depressed ( nothing, middle path, normal is becoming difficult to find nowadays)

You are either underpaid or underpaid( Ok this is special case!!)

You are either hungry or you have over-eaten( too full)

You are either bored or no time to even think about it

Food is either too spicy or bland. Too sweet or just not sweet enough!!

Ok, I am sure quite a few among us feel that above is just not the case!!
Life is found in the NORMAL STATE!! ( if there is anything like that !!) ( the Middle Path from Gautam Buddha's Philosophy)[really??!!?...mail me..)

But I am sure we all tend to notice only the very sharp , The extremes!!( YEAH and miss out that the life is to be enjoyed in the In-betweens!!)

People who sense this change way to often and are over-sensitized to it are among the few who are PRONE to BRINGING about change!!
in their own lives or surrounding Environment ( read surrounding all our actions Effect the surrounding UNIVERSE
[and not u know the difference???])

Everyone senses THE NEEDs

But only a few have a lower limit threshold of bearing it!!
How Long can you BEAR?



Do you ever feel it?


Mr. J said…
Nice thoughts. Yeh I quite often ask myself these questions.

I guess change depends on how you see it. I've seen myself relocate thrice in 3 years and yet feel things are still the same.

It's the mind I tell you.
Very intersting I find your thoughts on ur blog at lot of times..
see quite afew parallels!!
Neihal said…
We all feel the need for change. How we react and adapt to change is a different matter alltogether.

"But I am sure we all tend to notice only the very sharp "
I agree. We tend to overlook the normal and the ordinary.
Yo Ho said…
aing ??? :)
@ Neihal: Hey there!

and our every learning shapes our reactions and new learning. Its an interesting spiral!!

@ Yo Ho@: AIng AIng!!
shruti said…
it just reminded me of an advertisement..
whose lines goes like this..
"what thsi organisation desparetly need is a CHANGE!!!"

very funny ad..
kep is like this only..
take care..
david santos said…
This work is very good. Thank you
have nice week
Moi said…
i need a change NOW!!! have been jobless for too long!!!! :DD
blah blah blah and more blah!!!
Ok either I was too awake or too asleep, too numb or too sharp to comprehend what you wanted to talk about... :)
@ Shruti!: AHA..
as in "Mujhe change Chahiye..??"- Hamdard ka tonic Cinkara!??
@ David: Hey tks for dropping by!!
u have a great time too!
@ Moi: Oye!!

"Sabr Ka fall meetha"

The the reward of patience is sweet...Caveat: You need to keep working hard!!
@ SWF: OYE!!!!!
you are back is it!! hmm
re-read .. or as I can make out from ur mood..
u just chuk it!!
wassup..? long time?
Titash Roy said…
shooting star said…
nice post....needs will never be quenched...coz the moment we achieve one...we go on for another "unfulfilled" is really not the limit when it comes to our needs and desires........."a thousand desires..but only one lifetime to fulfil them " as i have written somwhere in my blog........

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