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First Phase:
This is the (basic/initial) discovery of each other. Can happen by chance, choice, mistake or any of the many other ways.

Time: this is usually spontaneous or may be forced or schemed! ( usually short duration , with result being a go or a no go to next phase)

Second Phase:
Excitement/ Fun phase. This is a kind of extension of discovery. Usually this can be spotted by heightened interaction. It can include any of the interactions: intellectually stimulating discussions, humour (funny / silly talks), Power /strength stimulating behaviour (Sexual/emotional/physical/any) , etc etc. This phase is marked by a lot of excitement, fun and happiness. High energy levels and low fatigue. In fact this is energising phase, the two involved overcome tiredness, at meet. There absolutely nothing else noticed except good.

Time: This can vary. Depending on person to person totally, this can vary from weeks, to months or even years. Now the last one ( years) being a little towards rare ( specially for those born after 1975)

Third Phase:
Negative/Real/Total Discovery phase.
This happens! OK! (every time).... :)

Here 'other aspects' of both the individuals are discovered by each other. These 'other ones' are usually those, that either got skipped (in excitement) or maybe were hidden. These can cause minor to major problems. Can cause small tiffs or build up to major fights or misunderstandings! This is the most critical phase.

Time: This again varies. And depending on the capacity / patience of either or both! Anything between days weeks or months. ( not years .. not even for the ones born BEFORE 1975)

Fourth Phase:
(This may or may not happen) In-Toto discovery / Real Realisation.
This is a tricky phase. Usually, either experienced people or rare intelligent ones go through it. It is marked by 'holistic' understanding of people, social/non social situations and requires HUGE amount of Flexibility!

Those who successfully reach (or cross) this phase can have a much higher chance of living 'Happily Ever After'! ( may have to repeat phase 3,4 again)

OK. Questions
  1. Have You experienced all?
  2. Which Phase should the relationship be named? ( if there exists a need to do so)


Reeta Skeeter said…
Hmm interesting post....and interesting thoughts...
NC on the questions :D
Reeta Skeeter said…
Ok decided otherwise. Will comment.
2.No need.

@or any of the many other ways LOL :D
~nm said…
Quite an interesting analysis!

Seems like you are in either the 2nd or the 3rd phase and are trying to figure out things. Is it?

Coming to your questions:
1: Have already experience the first 3 phase and trying to experience the 4th phase. Trying really hard! ;o)

2: I feel you can name all of them or not name at all. Depends on how you feel about naming a relationship or not.
@ RS:
tks for lovely comments, on short counter there a great difference between answering as NC and Maybe!?
see! once you re-read and think deeply you realise so much more...

and how relative knowledge plays!
Reeta Skeeter said…
Yes there is. :P
Keshi said…
Interesting post Abhi!

**Usually, either experienced people or rare intelligent ones go through it

**Those who successfully reach (or cross) this phase can have a much higher chance of living 'Happily Ever After'!

but does that always mean living happily ever after? I mean u may u'stand each other totally at that stage, but wut if u dun agree?

Moi said…
haha.......been there, done that!!! :DDD

how about you, where are u lingering right now??? :)
NN said…
Every heard of the “form-storm-norm-perform” model of team dynamics...
dharmabum said…
i've been saying this often now. i'm coming around to believe that in the end, it is about one decision - whether or not to make things work.
@ Keshi:
hey that does not remain for long..
that is for sure..
@ moi :

pardein mein rehne do...
parda na uthao...
@ NN:
hey no!
what is this?
@ DB:
NN said…
We never get past the storming in relationships.
Karthik ,K.N said…
good one...
seven stages of life reloaded...nice perception....
i suppose second stage is the most important these days..a small mistake there ... ur next phases can be forgotten easily
Keshi said…
:) ok.

so how r we?

well very tru

but fact is that each stange has its imporatance!
@ NN:
well .. :| that is it!
@ Keshi..
we are superb..
Mala said…
omg! I think am still living phase 1!
Anonymous said…
Nice reading this post...very interesting!
Melody said…
:) Very insightful indeed!

and lol to the whole 1975 thingie!
shooting star said…
oh yeah dude!!..i went through all phases...
now im in 5th and let live...this one u will undergo...after u realise that inspite of undergoing phase 3..that ur better off tolerating ur husband and living with him(and vice versa)..than with anyone else.....
elusive said…
a guy rambling on relationships..interesting.hey am gonna soon post something on this very topic, and u shall see a girl's perspective then =)
Prashant said…
So..what phase r u in currently? :-P

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