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"When the Time is Right"

Conflict is an intersting and an Integral Part of each our lives.
It everywhere!

All thru the week, the myriad of coflicting ideas views and desires have been running in.

Including the one that should my life be written out here in a public domain!?

कौन Flee -Ct !

so much
too much
GO knows!!
From Nowhere to "NOW" "Here"
From Now-Here to (K)now Where????????

- Emipres- By Chicane

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vishesh said…
Anonymous said…
wat is that hindi say?? kaun?
Trinnie said…
"कौन Flee -Ct !"

how cute! lol

aap akele nahi hai! yeh कौन Flee -Ct toh hamare bhi dimaag main chalti rehti hai!

Jim said…
Keshi said…
Interesting :)


Jewel Rays said…
hello Abhi.

Ya taggy is up in ma blog..

between u have an interesting way of bloggin eh..:P

Radha said…
>> should my life be written out here in a public domain
I think you should, its very theurapatic :)
Moi said…
i agree with Radha..and it wud be fun going back in time and reading these posts , after say 5 years down the line to see how u have grown up, how ur priorities have changed and ur outlook in life has taken continue to do it ...and we r around to hear u out, anywyas!!! :)
@ Vishesh:
$%7?? = 28kfd23782-*72s

I hope you understand my post now.
@ Niki:

Oh WOW!!

Indian Rupees..
and hindi..
I am pleasantly surprised!!

@ Trinnie:

I know..
its intergral part of our human ness!!!
@ JIM:

( Butt wipe?)
@ Keshi:

when i say
"कौन Flee -Ct !"=~

कौन = CON ( hindi to english, the hindi word means who)

Flee = to Flee


though in break up they have different meanings which are in "CONFLICT" with the word formed by congregation!!

hope you get the conflict ( pun again)
@ Jewel:

tks for compliment!!


Long time!!
@ Radha:

Well I think you may be right..
i will try for some time..
but thingy is that there are quite a few people who know think they know you pretty well, and you want it to remain that way..
hope u get it!!
@ Moi:

Wel yes,

Though I have a tiny diary for that!!
Keshi said…
gotcha ;-) tnxx!

Of course it should be :).... it helps heal a troubled soul if nothing else ... and nowadays every soul is a troubled soul anyway :)
Sarad said…
anyway- when is the right time, for what?

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