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चल बन जा मुर्गा (cmon now become the hen/cock)

Time 0850 hrs

"Welcome to Bangalore international Airport, outside temperature is 23 degrees Celsius....."

Time 2050 Hrs
"Welcome to mumbai chhatrapati Shivaji terminal, outside temperature is 31 degrees Celcius...."


That was the day, and throughout the day, all I noticed was the similarities and dissimilarities between the cities!!

One thing that irked me( and has been irking for a long time ) is BUFFOONS!!
Yes , I see them just about every-where.
from Delhi, to mumbai, to bangalore, to calcutta, Chennai, hyderabad... just about everywhere

These are the class of "DUMB" nitwits who just fail to understand the immidiate ( let alone farway) impact of their actions.

Some examples actions of this Over-Smart Class

- on the road, jump all lanes and clog the exit route. AS in I want to reach first , and (Think) will be able to go ahead, If i blow a loud pressure horn( Or simply silently) and get into( read barge into ) the tiniest possible visible place and block the whole world. ( Biggest contirbutors are Auto-rickshaws, man-pedalled rickshwas., etc). I mean hello cant you see, the road ahead, there is no way!!

- Spitting! ( oh crap!!) This pisses me big time. Please keep it to yourself. Your paan, ur gutkaas, ur what-ever Yukk in in your body!!

- ah and the throw anything everywhere catagory. I dont need it, so throw. I have seen people throw, everything from packaged garbage bags, to just about all the litter possible, thrown everyhwere!!( I walk back by the lake from work everyday and pick on people throwing just about everything so many times, !!!but in vain!!)

What to do!!

Ban JA Murga ( बन जा मुर्गा )!!

So on the return flight i was thinking, what is the best way!! The fines that the government impose, as a possible solution are usually of no advantage.
I mean imagine a poor guy and a rich guy doing the same fault, the richer one is at ease and does not feel the hurt paying the fine.

But to bring them at the common level is PUBLIC HUMILIATION!
HAHA! No jokes
you are made to squat and hold your ears ( through) under ur legs and raise you BUM as high as possible ( LOL)!!

any of you been thru this punishment ( in School or ragging??) Its painful and embarrasing!!

thats what all these people should be put to.

In fact Its my desire to start a Photo Blog, capturing poeple in a picture, during the act of buffoon-NESS! Showing proof to public , and being caught in the act.

Pretty soon I will do this!!
and meanwhile if any of you who is reading this has any pic of these PUBLIC -BUFFON-ness act.. please mail the same to me!!



Moi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moi said…
guess, civic sense doesn't come easy to most of us!!!
suramya said…
thats a great idea :), I don't see there being any lack of matierial to publish :)
@ Moi:
Seriously, It is a big pain!!
@ Suramya:


Please mail across if you have any.

I am starting as soon as I can!
@ Suramya:


Please mail across if you have any.

I am starting as soon as I can!
Rauf said…
We are inefficient in just about everything, The goverenment , the administration's priorities is a big joke. i don't blame the authorities for dirty poorly maintained trains dirty toilets. There is no cooperation from us.
Take any train journey, the sides are littered with plastic all along the journey, and looking out of your window is an eyesore. People mindlessly chuck the waste out of the window of a running train. i complained to the railways many times, wrote to them to provide garbage bins in every coach. Some showed me garbage disposal bins under the wash basin.
But it is absent in most of the coaches.

i have posted pictures of Banaras in 2 blogs, Bnaras the holy city and streets of Banaras recently. The holiest of all cities is the filthiest of them all.
Abhishek, you can use any of my pictures without seeking my permission.

Pochampalli is a village about 40 KMs from Hyderabad. it is one of the cleanest villages i have ever seen in India. i'll post pictures soon.

Our attitude has to change in many
vishesh said…
wanna change them? well tell you what tell them that Mr.god doesn't like this,it is against blah blah blah...and they will do it.....they use god to earn money...why not for improving their health??

its sucks big is like growing a hybrid plant,you have to breed people in the right thing....we have to start now...

btw see this
Keshi said…
lookin forward to witnessing them myself then :)

Melody said…
Hey Abhishek, sorry this comment is not related to the post - just thought I’d give you a heads up on the Blog Party happening in Mumbai on June 9th 2007.

Please check my blog for more details:

Hope to see you there! And DO spread the word!
@ Rauf:
Many thanks for visiting!
the scene is worth a big overhaul!!
and i sincerely believ that education and awareness is really needed.
I have yet to put my mind and energy to finding a solution...

will do something ....soooon!
@ Vishesh:
well yes.. i believe the "godmen" in our country are trying that for some time now

but as u can see how power has corrupted them!
@ Keshi!!

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