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The Door to...

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Jas Bhambra said… contentment.
Sarad said…
Swiss Cheese :P
Mr. J said…
Beer, or maybe Jack Daniels... :P

or perhaps uncertanity and change.. oh the list is endless.
messys musings said…
hmmm interesting door... but the crosses on the door gives a suggestion to something thats not to be opened... a pandora box lying inside???
priya said…
closed ones who like to be left alone.
@ JAS:
Hee hee!!
" andha Kya chahe Do Ankhen"
Wish I could find a door... TO Contentment!!
@ Sarad:
"Hey Seeing ur profile pic...
:P.. cheese is quite a good idea"
Welcome here!!
@ Mr."J"
Yeah Buddy.. there are nothing but Cases of JAck Daniels's....

Oh The list yeah.. (Wistfully)..
can really go on!!
@ MEssy musings..:
Well No, The door Does open!!...
@ Priya:
well closed ones usually end up being disturbed by SOMEONE!!
Moi said…
my cellar...:)
...or Silence.....
very pretty door, abhishek...where did u find it ???
and leaving behind few lines by my fav poet, Emily Dickinson..enjoy them....

"A door just opened on a street--
I, lost, was passing by--
An instant's width of warmth disclosed
And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
I, lost, was passing by,--
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
Enlightening misery. "
Kalyan said…
Interesting shot...well captured & framed!
@ Moi: Gee! Tks
and tks for the Peom!!

This is taken ata resturant in Panchkula, Near Chandigarh
and yeah it opnes.. to a outdoor section of the restuarant( overlooking beautiful garden)!!
@ Kalyan:
Tks sirjee!!
--Sunrise-- said…
Uhm...... a thousand things. :)

Food (in general, chocolate deserves a category of its own)
A party
Fields and fields
Sunrise ;)
Shah Rukh Khan posed as Raj in DDLJ grinning at me with his arms wide open (bah... I can dream! :P)
Unlimited internet access

This is an interesting post... why did you post it?

And - what.. I said I loved Tom and Jerry as a kid... of course I watched it!
@ Sunrise~~

Ha ah a!!
Lovely ..
go on!!

"why did I post it"?? matlab??
--Sunrise-- said…
Was there a reason you posted it? Did it mean something to you? Or was it just random?... was what I mean!
priya said…
well closed ones usually end up being disturbed by SOMEONE!!

- Do you think so??
@ Sunrise:
WHy do you ask., Is why i am surprised.
In retro, I think I posted it coz i am really waiting and wanting some doors to be opened!
@ Priya:
With no offense to anyone, I think ( just think) that this does happen often!
WHat do yo think?
Megster said…
..Freedom! Law of nature says, all doors have to open some time or the either, and lead to some place.
nice door, btw:)
Trinnie said…
i like this door frame...
unusual one...

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