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Oldest Memory Tag

This is an interesting tag, as we might have dust out our memory bank.

Rules: Oh you want rules here also, Nah! Just do it and tag any number of people u wish to, BUT YOU are TAGGED.

You have to list out YOUR oldest memory. What is the first thing you recall?( like you might
jave winked at the nurse, right after you were born)..

I have posted my oldest memory here.

I tag all BUFers, Trinnie, MOI, JAS, Radha, Starry Nights, anyone who would want to!!


Trinnie said…
LOL!! how cute... u threw away the candy and were left with the wrapper! i can imagine the look on ur face...bewildered at urself!
priya said…
Oldest memory ahhh gotto digg out now.
Keshi said…
this is a very interesting one ha!

**like you might
jave winked at the nurse, right after you were born


ok I'll do this one soon. tnxx Abhi! I like it.

Jas Bhambra said…
Shall respond to your tag soon, Abhishek.

I remember during my early childhood days that my Dad asked my sister to throw away the rotten apples that he separated from the nice ones. However, my sister thre away the good ones into the garbage! :)
Jewel Rays said…
Will let u know when mine is up aites..;)

Moi said…
will take it up soon abhishek..and laughs at Jas' sister's doings.....goodness how did ur parents manage a bunch like that, Jas???
Moi said…
It's done, abhishek...and u have been duly thanked too :)
Michelle said…
thanks for tagging me :) but my oldest memory wud be the ones of my childhood and i just posted tht on BUF!! chek it out! cheers!
Lotus Reads said…
This is a really great idea for a tag...I have too many memories...I will have to sift through them to find out which one is the earliest!
Mala said…
My first vivid memory is me and my brother running away frm home at the age of 4 and 3 respectively:) and then getting sandal ki pitai from mummy
Keshi said…
Abhishek I just did this my blog. Have a look :) TY!

Trinnie said…
abhi! ur tags done! and i know that rainbow pic was taken in hiranandani... i read ur reply to sunrises comment!
have fun! :)
Anonymous said…
haha!! wat a lovely oldest memory lol
i dont have such clear memories of that age.
came here from keshi's blog :)
ishita said…
saw dis on kesh's n i see u tagged all BUFers...interestin
@ Trinnie;

and just did not know... what to do!!

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