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(Marasim means relations. My relations with Jagjit Singh go back to the days when he composed music for my serial Mirza Ghalib. ...)

Well this post has probably nothing to do with it.
It is about those days..
the days when my dear ex room mate , Mr."J" was TMD ( Truly Madly Deeply) in love with Ms."H" ( who is now happily Mrs. "J")

I recall vividly coming back to our double room ( hostel room) after lectures and the usual Geri( गेडी ), only to find only a yellow bulb in the corner, and Mr. " J" with the latest Track of the Jagjit singh album " Haath Chute hai toh Rishtey nahi chuta kartein hai

(हाथ छूटे है तोः रिशते नही छूता करतें है !!)

Oh !! he has had a Fight again!!( another week end of having to listen to all that , all over again!!)

It was those days..

While I was just packing for my very brief trip to Chandigarh, this album popped up in the playlist!!

and I rolled back!!... in time...those never ending list of crushes!! ( LOL)
Now I am going to sleep, with my clothes( which were earlier parked neatly to be put in the bag..) all pushed to one side..
Good night !!
..packing will happen tomorrow only before the flight....

अभी जा रहे है वापिस!!


Moi said…
:) reminds me of my hostel times..only that when we used to fight.....i wud rather sulk and sleep than listen to some sad number......
Ships said…
:) one can easily relate to it.
Sidhusaaheb said…
Nice blog!

Hope you find the Punjabi script soon!!

Moi said…
having fun at Chandigarh, are u ???? i have my mausi and frds in panchkula.......will u buy some flowers for them???? :DDDDD
@ Moi: Sulk and goto Shleep!!
hey that is so sad!!
and ur massi in PKL>>
Bolo na.. where and all, just email me..
@ Ships:
Oh yeha, i am sure all can realte some or the other way!!!
@ Sidhu Saheb!!
Hello nice to see you here!!
Kithey milege sannu script, ??
any ways thanks!
Moi said…
thanx for the offer, abhishek....have fun at home..will trouble u some other time .....thanx again :)
messys musings said…
ohhhh marasim is a fabulous album... but yeah we associate certain songs with some people in our lives..

have fun on ur trip... n b bak soon :)
Radha said…
I remember the Mirza Ghalib song.
Btw, its quite cool how you use hindi font in the did ya do it??
Have fun on ur trip!!
Jas Bhambra said…
It is funny that when I was a little girl, I hated Jagjit Singh like anything (of course because I was too young to understand it all). I hated it when my Nanaji used to play his JS cassettes. He had a great collection that I later inherited when he and my Naniji joined my uncle in Canada many years ago. Now I am a die hard fan of his.

It sure does reminds me of my student days as well... "Aah ko chahiye ik umar asar hone tak" is my favorite one form Mirza Ghalib.

I hope you are having a great time at Chandigarh.
neelu said…
wow what a thought man
@ Messy Musings!!:
oh yes, our mind is really good at associating sounds, smells environment with people and time!!

u to have a gr8 trip at matheran!!
@ Radha:
Hey you have this new feature in blogger..
somewhere in settings you can enable multilingual support!!
I came back today totally refreshed!!
@ Jas!!
oh yes... had an amazing time!!!!!!1
Ash said…
Łóòň Ġãĺ said…
oo how has ur trip been .. am so in love with chandigarh .. just went there for abt 2 days and aaaaah .. :D

Jagjit Singh is GOD!! Infact just this morning I was listening to his Main Nashe Mein Hoon :)
Trinnie said…
i used to listen to this album ...coz my mom used to put it on...

"haath chute bhi toh rishte nahi tuta kartey..." remmeber those lines very well...


ur going to chandigardh? well, happie journey! :)
Keshi said…
maraism is relations? Then lately I've lost a few of the maraisms in my life for good.

@ Keshi!!
Hello there!
welcome to this blog!!
some-how I think i can go on about loss of relationships and its interpretations and perceptions!!
starry nights said…
Nice post can relate to this during my hostel days.
Ethan said…
i do remember those days too...

many people talking about memories ..tis the season?
vishesh said…
lol man...i like those people who listen to endless stuff.....i just get about get into some depression or friends are always there to here me lament and also my poetry....

hands off to your kind!!

if people do that to me..i start advising...and they land up going mad....
@ Starry Nights:

Yeah those times..
well they alll remain imprinted so well in every-ones memory!!

( howz u..!!)
@ Ethan:
Buddy if you dont remeber Mr."J" and the stunts and the NJ's...
then who will!!

you come here!!!
aa sahi sahi tu !!

man!! we miss u being around!!
@ Vishesh!!

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