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You are Tagged

Yes!! You..
Any one reading this is tagged.. tagged to reply and free to tag just about anyone...

You need to enlist n things that made you really happy and another m things that made you really cross and comepletely Upset in the last one week only.

1. Ok WTF are these N, M?? right?>
Well these are just about any numbers.. any .. same or other wise.

2. WHY this?: Well there is a reason.. that will be told in the next post. ( yeah like all the great Miss-Trees, this one remains one..)

Ok this tag does appear out of nowhere on my blog(s).
As I am not the Tagg Tagg type of person, but there is more to this tag.
Just that lifes funnie and my constant attmpt to unravel the mysteries of it is on!!

Looking forward!!


Tohou Lidia said…
I just did a post on my blog :) So i'm going to do my tag in your comment box ;)

Hmmm....Things that have made me happy.....
1. Recieving an email from my dad!
2. Getting two emails from two seperate friends who are thinking of coming to live where i live :)
3. Meeting more awesome people at work.
4. Rain :)

Things that make me upset...
1. Politcians...especially an Australian one named "Mal Brough"
2. Phone bills
3. Losing a very important university letter

Hopefully that's ok! Did i do it right ;)
Looking forward to the next post to understand what this is about ;)
priya said…

1. My friends
2. Blogging
3. Listen to my favorite songs..
4. Just being the way myself


1. When my rooms are messy
2. Too hungry and got to cook myself
3. Heating bills
4. Missing all the beautiful moments back home.
@ tohou:
Just that in thing that make u upset, It's supposed to be things that Made u upset in the last one week..

@ Priya:
Hey tks for the tag..
but you need to write about last week

Neha said…
i just read this post on ur other blog.. u cant hv the same one here.. not fair :P
starry nights said…
OK things that made me happy last week was
I felt better about my back
I watched a few good movies
The skies were clear
I talked to the children and they were doing well.
Sanjay from American idol made it to the next round.

Things that made me upset this week
I don't feel too good.
J was in a bad mood
It has been raining
My fav movie did not win an Oscar
Tohou Lidia said…
That was all in one week! I lead a sad life :( Hehehe...i'm being true! That all made me upset in one week!
@ T:
hey where is your list of happy and sad things??
Prashant said…
Hey, like ur lines on neha's blog:

"but I know for sure that all "complex" looking things in life almost always have very simple answers.."

and i agree to that 100%.
keep on rocking dude.............
Dh@v@! said…
i think i m toooooooooo late now... ;)
Gee well
hee hee

@ Prashant:
Yeah buddy thiat is so true

@ Dhaval Bhaio: Kem Cho !! longtime!!

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