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Zoom( and yeah the Blogathon)

The Month simply Zhoomed by!

I had this very short trip to my lovely city beautidul planned for the want of doing a हवन ( Haven) at home for my birthday!. Something that I had been wanting to do for quite a few years!

Our "shastri-jee"( Panditji conducting the havan) gave some intersting insights to life, all packaged with modern day quips..

later आशीर्वाद was " बेटा तुम्हे अछा अच्चा PACKAGE मिले "


" आजकल के modern बच्चों को जिस से ख़ुशी मिलती है वाही देना चाहियें "

Super cool.

and yeah the record player that needs to come to Mumai from Chandigarh has yet not arrived coz, the audio amp wires could not be repaired yet.. so it has reached Delhi....

Learnt Some Golf( errr.. at least how to hold he CLUB!!) and went to the driving Range !!

Fir kya .. ash over.. Back to the (lovely ) Fish smelling city of Mumbai!!

and the pre-emptive reminder set in my phone beeped..... Paper .. Financial Management!!!

For the first time in my LIFE, I had Flunked an exam...!

It was a strange feeling.

First time experiance..

thot.. maybe its good, i need to better this subject...

but finally day-day before when I was to sit the paper... i was just about in the same हालत as last time!!

BHagwaan Bachaye!!!!

Now I am thru' taking the paper.. GOD ONLY WILL HELP now ( and may be the exam checker!!!)

And in the intering event of the month...

i joined the inetersting Group Blog.
(Between Us friends)

It is an amazingly cozy group of friends!

and finally i have done my intro post

Seems a great place to be ..

lets see how it goes!!


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messys musings said…
whoaaaaaaaaaaaa im first here... n congrats for getting on betweenusfriends... hope to see some fabulous posts by u...

n abt ur flunking... lets celebrate by partying what say??.. hehehe
messys musings said…
ohhh and my trip was fantastic... will post pics later on as i am staying at my moms this week and dont have my usb cable here!
vishesh said…
ha senor AA

its good isn't it to fail....but i had that happen in the worst time possible...even though it was only a class test...on the eve of my bday....guess it also helped a bit since didn't get it at a full swing :)
messys musings said…
sure... bolo kab milna hain?? lets make a plan with utsy n mala... wat say? this sat? or sunday?
@ Messy:
Heya super kewl idea..
tell me when and where!!!

@ Vishesh:

I knoe buddy everything has posities
Jas Bhambra said…
Good times at home, Abhishek! :)
I flunked in mathematics ingarde 9 in the terminals. I flunked for the want of just 1/2 mark, 0.5!!!!!
Trinnie said…
hehe...its ok to flunk an exam man....i mean ur grown up and all and no one will scold ya.
i had nightmares regarding my maths exam results.... kaise chupaye marks ko...vaat lag jayegi agar parents ko bata diya toh! :P
Priyanka Sarkar said…
visited ur blog for the first time.....n loved ur "achha package mile" bit!!!!super savvy blessing i daresay!!:p
Moi said…
hehe punditji!!! :DDD
and the first exam i ever flunked in life was right at the onset of my education---got a 9/50 in Hindi in Nursery..i could never get the Hindi alphabets right ......u sure have a neater record....took quite long in life to flunk an exam, eh!!!!
priya said…
A great trip indeed and your papers:)) good luck...
Jewel Rays said…

Wow thats an interesting post on the events. and glad to have ya on BUF :D

Enjoy ya stay!!

Have a good weekend aites.:)

@ Jas:
yeah home was great fun as always!!

WHAT!!.. 0.5 marks..
that is so so cruel!!
but well , i still think there is always good in it
like i kept thinking that maybe its good i flunked i got an opportunity to study the subject well..

Its a different thing that his feeling was completely gone few days b4 the exam, and i was just praying for some miracles!!
@ (oye) trinnie !!

Yaar its worse... cox ur stuck both ways...
see being a kid you only think of dread coz of the daant from ur folks..
but when ur grown up.. u jooly well understnd and KNOW WHY ur folks were angry!!!

and sad part of the situationis
u are already very very tired of being angry at our own self!!

what will u do if ur angry @ ur own self??
bolo bolo-- tell tell
@ PS( priyanka SARKAR!!)
Aiyee JI!

Well ur welcome here...
yeah the panditji is actually beyond words..
very strong positivity I can feel when I am around him..
@ Moi:

Boy!! this is too much..
i though i was real bad @ hindi, coz i lost all the marks of the exams in spelling mistakes only.
Imagine a 8 marks hindi essay having more than 16 spelling mistakes

and my teacher would complain to mom, .." you only tell me where should i give him marks"

@ Priya:

Thank you!!
@ Jewel Rays:

Oh yes, its great to be around amazing interesting people!!
Moi said…
hehe, I can imagine ur mom's disappointment with ur teacher telling her that!!! haha!!!!

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