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Run Run Run ( दौड़, किसके लिए )

IT happened yesterday, for the first time, I was not that busy!
Living in India's financial capital, and being the financial year ending!!
Maybe, I was too used to a sales job, that a shift into marketing, and that to a project marketing role in this company was now settling in!

It was strange that some-one inside me was dying to be crazy busy (??..)

I was home early!!
Met one of my aunts, who asked "what happened?"...

"I think I should change my job.., I am not very busy"
She had a big laugh..

:) and later I did too, on my own self!!

Its surprising, we usually end up not knowing exactly what we want from our lives!
I read this today...
Too Busy to Notice You’re Too Busy
Published: March 31, 2007
Being busy is part of our modern world, but there are some simple ways to wrestle back control.
Also , worth while seeing is this presentation!!

Yes there was a conflict in my mind...
Maybe there is still is..

Run ? Or Walk and Enjoy?


Kalyan said…
hmmm...a bit thought-provoking, sometimes we just are not sure, what are we doing, we just do it impulsively and when we get used to it, then we feel something is missing from our lives even though that is not a normal part of our lives...a well written post & to ponder while putting the brakes for a while, when we are all running...
The artivle on NY times is also pretty interesting...
Jas Bhambra said…
To be honest, at times I have no clue what I want, what I am doing and what my life will be...all due to uncertainities in life...very depressing thought at times....
Jas Bhambra said…
May I link your blog to mine please?
@ Jas:
this is what i have noticed causing confusion and pain at certainpoints in life..
due to non-clarity!!!

OF course you can link to my blog

preeti said…
hmm .. well thought
nice presentation linked!
wildflower said…
n not getting busy in life leads to frustration...wich is jus 2 hellish 2 handle :(
Shitrint said…
do both!
walk and enjoy and run too. doing only one thing all the time will bring monotony. :D

but yes, being too busy to even notice how busy one is a real hilarious situation! :P
will check out the links!
@ wildflower!!

Well that is the thingy!!
@ shitrint...

I knoe do both, dats what i am busy trying to balance!!

yeah those links are good!
Mr. J said…
S&M... Interesting... targets ok?

Running.. hmm no one wants to be left behind I think.
Mr. J said…
And to answer your qn. I'm into Online Media S&M.

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