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Gee! Tar

My first Guitar Class!!
HA! I finally got to initite it! Yeah Initiate it right, when I have an exam in another 20 days. I have a project submission next month. right when I also discovered My Rubiks cube and want to solve it!
Not to Un-mention my JOB!!

Ok I am going back to books , but very inetersting thingy told me by my tutor, who was coming to me after struggling to try and teach a GIRL to play the guitar!

Now he claims, that he has finally understood , why there are no women among Likes of Iron Maiden, Jow Satriani's !!
Coz, ( like the poor girl), ....womens Fingers/ is so soft that it is unable to press the strings hard enough!!

Well I really dunno.. that what the guy told..
But I really cant recall too many ( or any great female Guitarist too!!)..!!
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Jas Bhambra said…
You lucky dude,you get to learnhow toplay a guitar!I have been thinking of taking guitar lessons for a long time, but haven'thad the time....
Mr. J said…
F*** I've been trying to 'initiate' to learn the guitar for a long time now and pretty much kick myself for dropping out when I was 13 right after learning the do re me.

Go on.. i'm right with ya..

Hmmm, food for thought @ not many women playing the leads... Umm all I can think of is Alannah Myles.
@ Jas..
Oh Man!!
My fingers are going to split sooner than i think, If I need to practice the way he has asked me!!

I Just hope I learn!!
@ J:

Haha DO RE MA!!
I am starting straight with the cords... Bye bye to notes!!
and ya.. thats the fund..
Initiating anything is the first big hurdle ..and then at 60% completion..
and the biggest...last mile..Completetion!!!
Moi said…
i have no "music genes" in my DNA......blame my parents for that!! i cant even get a tune right in my head forget abt playing any instrument!! am musically challenged completely!! :( :(
regarding the female leads..i have had my male frds snickering at that fact.......ur guitar teacher just might be right!! i love joan baez with her guitar tho' :)
Well no probs..
hey nice profile pic!!
Moi said…
thank u kind how's the guitar class coming through???
priya said…
Thaz nice to ear and good luck on your lessons.
Neha said…
lol.. never thought abt it before, why dont we have famous women guitarists! hmmmmmm...
@ Moi:
"Thanks you kind sir??!!"
oh oh oh!!
yeh sir wagehra chodo, please!!
Uh- !! guitar class ko zara break lag gayi hai..
guess, i am also trying to locate some of the moo-zik (jeans)
will continue after a fortnight!!
@ PRiya:
Heya Tks a lot!!
( nice to see you here!)
@ Neha jee!!
hello heloo!!
confessing7girl said…
being a girl i dont like ur tutor's assumption...but yeah why isnt there any female guitarist? maybe he's right...:D
well good luck on ur guitar lessons!!
@ COnfessing7girl:
yeah i will ask the tutor!!

BTW how does a seven come between the confession and the girl?
Sarad said…
I too don't know of anyone who can play the guitar like in Iron Maiden or limpbizkit
Yo Ho said…
Bajj gai GEE-TAAR ? :))
Trinnie said…
wowie!! i have always wanted to learn the guitar... and buy one for myself too! maybe in a coupla years wen i earn my own money!

arre baba , its joe satriani and not jow, unless u misspelled that on purpose! :P
goodluck! :)
shooting star said…
i wanna learn to play the guitar too....must start soon..about women and guitars..well it might be true....but theres some tough women out u may never the way you heard of vaenssa mae???...shes the joe satrinai of violin.....she has singlehandedly brought violin fro classical music into contemporary and popular culture...

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