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Inflection Point

There are these times, sometimes, which we call the Lull before the Storm!. Its the feeling that something is going to happen.

Such a feeling seemed to be hovering for some weeks now( months maybe)

But if i come to think about it seriously, it was not the premonition.. It was self created. I had been driving and energising the internal agitation of dissatisfaction.

I was unhappy

Unhappy of my current immediate (working/job) environment.
My current relationship status.

This unhappiness, this positively percieved unhappiness is the catalyst of life.
Its this perception of the "Change pain", that drives us all !!
That brings about so much in our lives

SO much Change!!! ( in fact i believe most of the change is triggered by pain/dissatisfaction)

--> Milestone achieved: being that I quit the Engineering Monolith of India which has tried to keep me busy since the last 1 year 9 odd months .

Dont know what the new job, where I join next month, After suffering my notice period here entails for me!

But I am sure life has a lot lined up for me in the next year!

Hang on.. here i come!!


Moi said…
:) Good luck with future endeavors......that's what they told me at my office when i quit my first job. I haven't regretted it till date......have fun and does that mean u get more time on hands between jobs or are u looking at joining at a new place very soon?? ....i'd say, take some time off and recharge your self i'm doing currently during my vacations!!!! :)
J said…
Once again.. congratulations.

It will be fun at the new work place. And well, when you get bored, you can always look out for another one ;)
Radha said…
congratulations & good luck!!
Hey, abt Singapore, really I'm too new here myself to be guiding anyone abt the city...but ask your sis-in-law to visit sentosa island, boat quay, clarke quay, orchard road, jurong bird park...these are more than what she'll be able to see in 2 days.
vishesh said…
lolz its better to be where your heart likes it ;)
Trinnie said…
hey Abhi!
all will be well :D
and yeah sometimes when nothing going wrong also seems to make some of us unhappy...
lull before the storm. i hav felt that. most of the time it seems like a hoax my mind creates. :P

all the best, mate! :)
Anshuman Ghosh said…
Thanks for dropping by at my blog(s) :-)

I hope you chucked your job, with proper preparation instead of a hasty half-anger half-despair driven state of mind..
Keshi said…
Abhi I like the way u support and encourage urself to hang in there and wait pateintly. Way to go. GOOD LUCK with everything!

After all ur Altering Abhishek Change shall come ;-)

Keshi said…
Jas Bhambra said…
Good luck with new endeavors, Abhishek. Yes, recharge, re-engineer, and face what life may throw at you...with a smiling face.
Take care.
Anonymous said…
hey that is a great shot of sun and drive way!!
im so moved. since u have a nice career, please keep up ur chin, abhi-chan :)
wish u all the best!!
Keshi said…
Happy Independence Day Abhi!

do check my blog today when u hv time. :)

Keshi said…
ty for the compliments Abhi but I wanted u to ans my qn too LOL! What is Freedom to ya? :)

Happy Independence Day Abhi!:)

***( in fact i believe most of the change is triggered by pain/dissatisfaction)

Very true. Dreadful at times but always proved itself worth it.

Loved how you saw through the negativity.:D

And all the best in the new things that are yet to come.:D

****But I am sure life has a lot lined up for me in the next year!

I say "U GO ABHI!"

Keep Dazzling!:D
preeti said…
i never understand wats the point of thinking about future.. i mean life is always good at the end, just we need to keep doing good.. no 'gyan' intended :)
@ Moi:
Yes! I have taken a week with me.
Dunno how busy I will get after 3rd sept.
Lets see. Many thanks for luck.
@ "J":
Yeah buddy..
Change is what "ITS" all about!!
@ Radha;
thank yous.. :) for Copngrats as well as the help!!
@ VishesH:
"But I still havent found...Where my heart is"

@ Trinnie:
Luck to you too..
@ Anshuman G:
yes pal, I did!!
will be joining next place in another fortnight!!
@ Keshi:
Many thanks...
We need to keep altering ourselves right!!.

Hey Compliments keep coming, and dont worry, I am on sugar free, when commenting on blogs of very sweet people!!
@ JAS:
Yes many thanks..
Just like you keep re-charging with amaizing hols!!!
Thanks you::

I liked that "KEEP YOUR CHIN UP"

@ SSChewy!!
Thanks a lot!!

I am happy you understand and comprehend my state!
@ Preeti:
Hey well-come here.
nic of you to drop by!
"GYAN" or otherwise, views are always welcome!

Thinking about the future is one thing, Worrying is another!


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