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...(ramblings of a funnie mind!!)

One of the two cakes I cut yesterday, said " Sorry, Shit Happens"
My roomates, who missed out, make it up with the sweet cake!
The day was more or less the USUSAL!
As always, I was un-easy! It Happens every year!!! ( I sulked...) The Banal Happy Birthday would reverberate all day long! Dunno why, it happens with me, I am not happy about it. My lovely twin sisters tried their Logic with ME!!.

"Arrey!!, You should be Happy, you have woderfully lived ONE more year of ur life..... What you cribbing buddha ho gaya ???"
I sulked, and smiled!!

Early morning, Nani called!! Sung the whole Birthday song! Felt great!
.... and then started pouring.. it was sweet, Till i reached office!!
Happie Bdday!!.. Wherez the chocoate!!Party.. Blah blah blah!!
I disappered
By late afternoon!
Had a meeting @ Fort!!
I moved out of office after along time.
on the way back, when I moved into the Station ( yes the local train at 630 PM), Sulked again!!Why is mumbai like this.. GAWD!!
By the time, I sat and Abida Pravin, with Chhap Tilak , Started, and my eyes closed, and the train moved, FAST! Faster, all that remained was the smell of the mumbai local...Iron heating and burning types.. But soon it fizzled
I seemed to have gone in a different mode.I was somehwere lese in my mind!!

In ages, it dawned upon me.. THIS IS what makes me happy.... MOTION!!!
I seem to stagnate, if I am at one place for long!! I need to move about.
Alone, or with folks ! Knowns or unknowns!
I need to move , Travel!!
That is what makes me happy!
By the time I reached back, I was much (battered or) better!!
Well the evening ended with the new RJ who has moved in and out of my life..... sooner than she became the RJ..
some good retro musik and dinner!

But something seems to be lingering even today..
Have to discover more..Find out ..!!
What?? I have no clue!!


messys musings said…
aaah a mumbaiya to the core... happens whn u have lived here for long... im the same... cant stop at nything... just wanna move move n move...

n abt the smell of mumbai... dont u just love the stink?? lol
messys musings said…
hey by the way... its nice to know u meet up other bloggers... we too got our own mumbai bloggers meet u know... we meet up very regularly... mayb sometimes we can all meet up together... wat say?
@ Messy Musings!:
Long toh I dunno, Been just two years, after 2 years of delhi!

But you sure can imagine , some-one whose brought up in Chandiagrh!!

!~ and sure I would love to meet up!
The "between Friends" blog is a pretty interesting one!!
Jas Bhambra said…
Ok Abhishek,here comes anothe rone..."Happy B'day to U, happy b'day to you"! :)

"Shit Happen", nice one on a cake!

For my b'day last year, one of my buddies wrote this on the card. "At your age you are kucky to still have your job and your health"!

I feel the same, I need constant change. I dunno whether it is a good or a bad thing though.
Mr. J said…
Aappppyyy Budday!! :P
messys musings said…
hey abhi... i guess a year in mumbai is enough to make u a mumbaiya... i've lived here all my life!

n yeah.. betweenus friends is an interesting blog... just joined in a few weeks bak.. entry is by invitation only... n the moderator n creator of the blog is ishita... will contact u whn we meetup... n its mostly sat evenings so that everyone has time... :)
@ Jas;
Thank you jee!!
and hey Change Just cannot be BAD!!

...and cannot "bad" Name Change on the change blog!!
@ Mr.J: Tks buddy!!
@ Messy Musings..
Yeah, I think I have become a little mumbai..
though currently w8ing to goto home next week..

Yeah will have to look up Ishi for the invite!

lets see, when i get to see the bloggerz!
Moi said…
hey, belated b;day wishes....:)
and lol @ shit happens cake.......
wildflower said…
sweet post :)
@ moi:
TYou Ji!

@ Wildflower:
--Sunrise-- said…
Many happy returns!
Trinnie said…
fuunie, but i feel stagnant and sad wen i'm not doing something...

that is why i love the mumbai locals so much! they are always on the move, running to and fro... and i think i like my life that way! :)

nice post!
Trinnie said…
oh forgot! Belated Happie Burdday! :D

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