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What Would I Write..

When so much is going on in your mind .. its such a good idea to see how another person veiws your views as...

What is the meaning of life? That, right there is a very poignant question. You can deliberate on it for days at a stretch and still not find the answer. Alternatively it can come as a revelation in a split second, the meaning of life. The answers, the priorities, the experiences they all contribute to that single meaning, that single perception, to bringing out the individual in you and me.

So if the question is that difficult to answer then why am I so focused on it right now? Well everyone hits a crossroad in life when they stand at the threshold of the realization that they are adults. I am not just talking about the “ability to vote” adults, but “my decisions and choices affect my life” type of adults. Decisions and confrontations, its amazing how the two are intertwined with one another and its also incredulous how we as people or adults sometimes consciously or subconsciously avoid both decisions and confrontations.

Are confrontations the big “evil”. If we have the audacity to air our feelings out about a person behind their back, why are we so flabbergasted at saying the same things to that person’s face? Why do people lack the ability or the foresight to see that sometimes confrontations resolve conflicts and not create them. I think that it’s the test of a friendship to survive unscathingly a confrontation or two? Just like, you are not really friends till you got drunk together, or some such right of passage, you are not really friends till you have understood each other despite the differences that are aired out.

My old friend Chronos or time as we call him, is a funny character. Sometimes he moves so fast that you barely have time to notice anything much less the changes that happened as he swept past. It’s a challenge I feel and that I have lately taken upon myself to stop and smell the roses or enjoy the little things in life. I am trying to effectively outwit Chronos.

Effectively writing as we do on these web logs we are really opening a window into our life for all to see. Just as reading other people’s blogs we are peeking into their life through the window opened by them. Does it seem like trespassing sometimes? You wouldn’t peek into a neighbor’s window and glimpse into their life, yet the blogs don’t really feel like trespassing. The power of the internet, things that aren’t ok in person maybe feel more reasonable because people aren’t standing in front of you, there is no eye contact and there fore no one to blame or shoulder the blame.

Its funny how technology has brought us closer and made the world a much smaller place to live in and yet, the same technology has driven us farther apart as people. Neighbors no longer even pick up the telephone to talk to each other. When we can simply sms our words across to the other person why bother picking up the phone. The world is increasingly drifting away from the personal touches that made us human. So are we sacrificing our humanity for the conveniences of technology?



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