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Flux of Life

This entry took quite long time to reach heer. Main reason being, me desire to change from rare blogger to a frequent blogger!
Till a good friend correctly pointed out that I just cannot write about everything about myself in a single blog entry!!
As a part of the continous process of understanding more about life and people and aurroundings, I will tell you about how last few months have passed.

How from 26th feb2005 when I came to mumbai, after changing my job from delhi, till about 1st weeks of september, the events brought about permanent changes in my perception!

Staring from being lucky enough to look up a place to crash very close to my aunt and more surprsingly very close to my office( quite a feat in a place like Mumbai) to the very high pressure working environ.

Right from experiances of deep desire to run away froim the job to having CBI coming to the office arresting out boss ( for absolute wrong reason.. but law in India has its own course).

Having those times,feelings, surroundings, moments get embedded in your mind as permamnent non-erasable past.Long discussions with near and dear ones, in trying to understand why things happen.

All this leading to deep desire to change jon/ induatry completely. More surprisingly leading to circumstances of job opportunity of desire ( as close as I feel THE FORCE could manage).

So many instances in the last 2 odd years have made me form opinions that maybe your deep desires and intentions can to a great extent influence of what happens in your life.

Let me take you through this journey of my life, Help you see how I see my life.. how I percieve things and most importanatly.. WHY i perceieve those things the way they are.

You are all most welcome to comment and ask!!


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