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Day Ends ,Evening Ends... Learning Just never ends

Its inetersting to write to a balnk audience, to write your heart out to some-one who just might be reading.
Though the concept started as a personal weB LOG, and found its way through the flow of life.

Just like me, this new female friend is also pretty perplexed to learn that a new fact. A new fact which is quite contaray to the usual belief of " Seeing is believing"
A concept whihc I read in a book from Dr. Wayne Dyer Called "You will see it when you believe it"
It has been an interesting discovery for me too, in the last year or so. If and when yo start believing in something, most of the things around you seem to fall in sync with that belief..
Well more of that in coming entries..

Coming to a very nice thought put forward very simple but is so so true by one my Yo-Buddies.( )Mr. Rajat Setia in reply ty outburst last week..

yaaro ......baat badi chhoti si hai duniya mein sabmil jaata hai bas sacche dost nahin milte aur dosti kotodna bahut aasaan hai..... bas isko jod ke rakhnabahut mushkil ....
Well right now i am running to my cousin's place has tried some very interesting Baked dish..
Wel she is not disclosing so.. i gotta run..
rest being laterz...


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