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Stolen Articles

Yes I know this is piracy.. I am publishing published articles..Articles Published by he times group..
In economic times
So hey..If there is a piracy police waiting to cath me.. please note that i have mentioned these are their articles..
and why did they allow me to copy.. to republish no..
so here they are:;

What's a minute if size is all that matters?


AMONG all the award winning one-minute feature films made was an amazing one called Zoom which tried to rub into us the insignificance of life on Earth, humanity in particular and the human condition in general — in a matter of 60 seconds. It starts with the camera “located” somewhere outside of space and time, showing, in effect, a completely blank screen with just one small dot in the centre. Then the camera starts zooming in. As it does the dot grows bigger, fills the screen totally, and explodes. We’re looking at the Big Bang of creation. The zoom continues seamlessly and enters the newly created universe with baby galaxies hurtling outwards. The screen is blank again in the emptiness of space with just one dot in the centre. As we near, it turns out to be a huge spiral galaxy — our Milky Way. The stars spread out and the blank screen returns with one yellow dot in the centre. Zoom in; it’s the Sun. Back to blankness and another blue dot becomes Earth with a beige dot. A full beige screen then with a dark dot in the middle turns out to be a vast wheat field with a black couple making love in the middle. The zoom in to the man’s back fills the screen with a white dot in the centre which we then see is an albino weevil on his skin. It grows to fill the entire screen. Cut. End. Moral: that’s how insignificant life really is. But the director should have continued. Subsequently, the white of the insect fills the screen with a tiny red dot in the centre. More zoom reveals Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite which attacks insects. Red blank screen with a dark green dot is a single-celled bacterium about to invade the mite. The green fills the screen with a translucent dot in the centre that enlarges to a bacteriophage virus entering the bacteria. The almost transparent virus contains many dots which are RNA strands that fill the screen. When zoomed in to, they reveal their atomic structure. Now a proton of indeterminate colour fills the screen with a fuzzy dot in the middle. Zoom in. It’s a hadron made of composite particles including quarks. Can a quark fill a screen? With cinematic licence why not? — at least to show more dots in the middle which are its own hypothesised substructures. And so on down to 11-dimension strings curled up inside the smallest structure conceivable at present. Cut. End. Moral: That’s how significant life really is. (All we needed was another minute.)


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