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The week ends before the weekend!

The weekend ended on Monday morning with a mild headache still remaining.
Still remaining as a backlog of the Saturday night movie marathon! Along with roommates ended up watching old English movies starting with Sahara, and via Scary movie1 (Pretty cool, as usual) and ended up watching some gore movies of the likes of Final destination 2 and some weird 28 days.

Major event being my anger outburst mail to my yo-buddies friends, specifically pointed to Pali, who just loves to itch people to the limit, till they develop a rash!
Yes Gurbir did mail back immediately with soothing balm, and ya today morning Puneet was there with his usual tincher to put an end to my pain. ( yah pain ending with pain).

As the Sunday evening was ending with some amazing sequel to the "Bunty bus vich rech gaya joke" from Bhaiya and Bhabi, I decided to study some Radar ( Scholnik ) before dozing off.

But ended up staring the book for 15 odd minutes and veering to think what all i wanted to achieve in the coming 5 years.
It is said that for people who procrastinate, the best cure being to tell you friends aloud/ rite somewhere what you want to do.
That not only acts as a reminder ( you knoe how friends love to rub it) but also as a personnel failure , when everyone knows , you have not been able to , giving you a Philip!
So I eneded up writing down on a new diary page and now on this blog:
I will clear my PGDBFM exams in May-June 2006, come what MAY!
I will inititiate, if not finish learning Sanskrit by December 2006 anyhow!
I will pull out some money from the hiccupping Indian stock market!

Lets see!!


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