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This girl

No.. no no no...
No way!
Not happening...

HAHAH no , no wait!

wait.. before you start racing in what direction these No..s lined up...They are not.. No
They are what I have been saying since the last 2 odd months....
Saying no to what.. No.. wait.. before you again veer off....Not no to this girl.. but NO to the fact that How can so many things keep turning out to be similar..

Ranging from various thought patterns and belief systems.. to certian.. desires..
one of the shoking ones being my In-nate deire to learn Sanskrit.. and wait... not just learn it.. but to learn for the exact same reasons...

and it kept happenieng.. till I stopped counting and listing...
Yes till I have defined who is she in my life...
you people jump I tell you..

I have defined that she is me from a parallal dimension.. from a planet Far far away...
Ya from one of those wierd universis that you would have earlier seen in serials of Star Trek.. ( i heard some one say Vulcan!!.. HAHAH some-one is going to be laughing reading this)
or the ones which you see in serial lide Andromedia and sorts...!

Life is so full of learning so full of change.. so much Growth of each learning experiance...
We nee to learn and grow every Nano second in our lives..


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