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The Connection!!

Even though the day was pretty eventful, this needed to be blogged first!

Though had slept pretty late after getting late watching Bluffmaster with Akku 2 Garuda mall @ MG road!
, I was awoken @ 0545Hrs!!

Was up thinking why !!??? What woke me up?
Could not get it...
The second day at the Radar symposium was very interesting and strking difference from other conferances attended.

But through the day, i just could not find out why i got up so early, inspite of being overtired!

Papa called in the evening, came to know that mom got very high BP in the morning and dad had to rush for checkup! Very surpring , as mom has never had high BP.

Talked for a long time , then called up Sudeep Bhaiya,....and was relieved a little bit.

But then it stuck me !!
I got up because my mom was in pain!!

This is not the first time I have felt this connection......
Its a scary feeling though!!!!

The previous one was way back during my sophomore days.Dad was in coimbatore ( he was posted there)

Mom was in Mumbai with Papaji ( paternal Grandfather) who was staying with chacha as he had not been keeping well.

I was in chandigarh,... Home alone, With Rajat sethi ( The name also appera in puri's new blog )

We decided watch a late like 9-12pm show of a certain hindi movie.

And very wierdly during a full fight sequence @ around 11is, the image of my Grandfather crossed my eyes.....

Not once but quite few times...various images!I ignored it.
Reached back home and slept... To be woken up early morning, by a phone call from my Nana in delhi..telling me that Papaji had expired at around 11Pm last nite...

You just cannot define the state of my mind when I co-relate things..


Ethan said…
I hear you buddy. No matter how sick i am , or its just a cold , even though i am seven seas away, my mom calls. Its like Klockwork, as my temp reaches over 100 i am looking at the phone and it always rings and its my MOM calling even at 3 am in the morning.

Its not telepahy, its Empathy...

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