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Read BeTween the LInes

"Where there is Zen there may be Yen"

No this is just a line that I read sometime back from the article in TOI...from the " mind over matter" section I usually like to devour on sundays!
The last particular week has whizzed in a very wierd way.Its strange how life unfolds as a puzzle everyday!

Though the fun lies in not struggling to solve it but living as the pawn which is pushed to move by the throw of the MIGHTY dice( what is it here, i am still struggling to find!!)

As usual, while I was pondering over the fact that again the week is finished beofre it started, and its 11 PM and its a good idea to sleep coz its monday again tom.....
It stuck upon me ..that this also happens to be the last week of the yEAr!!

It will be 2006!
wierd the way things have moved ....
last time on this day , when the Tsunami struck....
I was busy trying to prepare for my MBA exam..with bhai..
the paper passed...and me and bhai were supposed to "meet the parents" of my to be Bhabi..
Hence , only after we reached back home around... amongst the discussions that we were having with ma and pa in chd about the to be extended famili did I note that the Tsunami had struck early morning "

But The Point here is how the year has whizzed..
- the new years eve...@ CHd
- Bhai's Roka
- Interview @ Future electronics
_ Mumbai - here I come
- The new job
- Challanges
- Sudeep bhais shaadi
- more challenges
- more pain.. and frustation
---MORE !!
- Ambekar uncle...L&T
-Inteview- out of the blues
- New friends from Orkut..
- in parallel
- dilema
- new job / old job
- MONEY $$ / Happiness :-))
- Change of gears / and SWITCH in life
- speed , road , and the car
- Side seat STILL EMPTY!!.. new songs playing in the car
----- WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?????????????
- seems like the evening coming closer and SUN SETTING...
WHAT LIES @ the turning??
The new dawn..
BUT WHERE TO????????????????????????


Aditi said…
Well would the journey really be fun if you had a map? Who wants to live a mapped life?
jugni said…
hi abhishek,
u know wat , one thing predictable bout life is tht its unpredictable, changes in flick second , u never know wat will happen next.
ya ethan is a friend
Ethan said…
Have to agree with aditi there. Do u really need a mapped life ? What's the point in living if you cant feel alive...

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