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The Secret Of Happy Singh

This is more about the un-usual Sinusodical wave pattern of human mind.
Usually people do feel low and at times very HAPPY.

Rahul , mentioned over chat last week, "Why do I feel that you feel more sad?" The same opinion has been seconded by Ethan, quite a few times.
And while I was having a loong talk with My sis Richa Chhabra, trying find out what was challenging her so much that she was stressed out.

I was explaining her a wodersful technique from "Awaken the giant within, by Anthony Robbins" and realised the sooner i apply the same the better it would be

So here goes

You would have noticed that some people are happier than others, where as others crip and cry more, so to say they are more SAD

The very simple solution being that the HAPPIE People have LONGER HAPPY lists and SAD People HAve LONGER SAD lists


Enlist on a peice of paper:- what all things/ events/ situations/ environments make you happy

SAD list
Do the same as above and replace happy with sad

NOW its very simple

LONGER your happy lists.. more are the things that more you happy...implying you have a higher probability of being happy....

SIMPLE probability distribution...
CUT your SAD list and make you happy list longer

No wonder the simple advice.. find happiness in the small things .. as they occur more often and you will be happier...

---- and if none works.. call you MOM..( or someone who loves/ understand you... without any conditiond.. unconditional LOVE)
My momz great that way..


Aditi said…
No lists are going to make you happy, you have to constantly make a choice. You have to choose to be happy despite the circumstances.. that is all it is.
obscured said…
does saying happy new year help in making one a little happier?

in answer to your question (ref: "who are you?" - just in case you've been asking questions to a lot of ppl) just another anonymous blogger :)
Ethan said…
I dont disagree with the method of lists. I am just happy thinking that 'worse' things could have happend than the 'worst' things on my sad list.

Someone rigthly said, "happiness is good health and a bad memory".
jugni said…
well a nice way to be happy , but more than that i think when a person has a strange urge i mean hunger to be happy to live life, no one can stop him/her. i have felt that and i think noone can make u happy the way u can make urself happy.
failures in life are not meant to pull a person down .
i am reading a novel by lance armstrong and wuld like to quote some lines here he says"pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever".

p.s i have removed comments moderation.

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