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Experience it

Instead of being concerned with fitting every new experience into a preconceived category, put your energy into living the experience itself. Instead of using your thoughts to place a judgment on each thing that comes your way, put your energy into being more fully aware of it all.

How many things do you miss completely because you think you already know what you're looking at? How many new concepts do you fail to grasp because you're trying to fit them into concepts you already have?

If your life seems to be stuck in one place, the most likely reason is that your thoughts are preventing anything new from coming into your awareness. Relax your need to judge and to analyze, and you'll glimpse the abundant richness that is always available to you.

Let go of the need to know it all, and you'll begin to experience more and more. Move beyond the desire to always prove that you're right, and your eyes will open to profound truths.

What has it ever gained anyone to be cynical and closed minded? Choose instead to open your mind, to open your eyes to the astounding, ever-increasing richness of what is.

Let yourself out of the prison that your ego keeps trying to build. There's a big, beautiful universe right here and now that's filled with value for you to live.

~ Ralph Marston ~


Charul said…
very true!!
Aditi said…
You know sometimes things are in front of us and we dotn see what we should be seeing because we are too busy looking for the answer to the riddle.. =) you are riht sometimes we should jsut absorb first and maybe the answer will come to us automatically
Neha said…
very beautiful .. !
and it's so true.Let go and live. if only it was easiar done..!
@ Charul: True it is, but as Neha sayz..its easier said than done

@ Aditi: But contrary to what I have written is a fact that there are zillions of inputs that continously hit our mind, The mind delibrately stops processing quite a few of them.alas, this causes us to usually miss out a lot.

@ Neha: You know, the knowledge itslef, increases awareness,. The fact that we now know..helps us understand the same better..( read previous entry..)
Mon said…
liked ur post...
"...Let yourself out of the prison that your ego keeps trying to build..." its so true!
Boy! life has so much to offer, everyday we can learn something to be a better individual...
Wisdom is all that we need...
EnCloset said…
hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog - u said u liked the pic. Which one?

You write with an awakened eye. (I read previous posts too) Very moving. Makes me curious about you.
@ mon: Tks... Wisdom is always around us.. we need to see it..

Tks so much
scribbleamus said…
Thanks for dropping by.
nice place you got here..

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