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Junji Sez

"This what I tell you often, just keep riding …. And enjoy the change. You have the steering, you have brakes, accelerator, and clutch not to be under estimated. Still if you think like a 19 year guy who can win everything as if he can do everything with his youthful energy and he is the only one in this rat race, so he is bound to win, doesn’t happen with everyone. I am sure you would have mellowed down of late and hence will know the very much importance of clutches , if not brakes in life. Clutches help you ride smooth and safe. Doesn’t mean you are riding slow, just that you are not trying to drive ahead of time, because YOU Can’t. "


preeti said…
did u get this idea of metaphorizing while riding :)
Manish Juneja said…
Hi Preeti , I am Junzi :)
I love to drive ( my car), but unfortunately i didnt get this idea while driving.
shooting star said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shooting star said…
hmm..since i learnt driving..i have come to realise the importance of clutch..
J said…
Nothing to do with this post, but i'm surprised to say the least to see you join the slumdog hate club.

Do visit my post and share your thoughts. I find it pointless to send a message to the mindless idiot who started the hate group on facebook atleast I could engage in a reasonable debate with you.


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