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New Patterns, Blending to Next Level

I travel a lot, for work.

I have met a very large number of Interesting people during my journeys.

On 2nd September 2007, I took a flight to Delhi. 3rd Septmeber was the day of my joining. My fourth Job.

It was uncommon that I would have an attractive girl sit beside me and more uncommon that we do not talk.

So, with me on the window seat and the middle seat empty, and after half the journey was over, I spoke. And then She.

We talked till we landed and she passed me her Business Card while we collected our luggage.

All through the months that passed, we would chat just about everyday.

The patterns were changing....

It took us over an year to realise 

One fine day, the day posted as Suddenly Something, I tried to introduce a new blend to the existing pattern in my life.

The disturbance got accepted


I will move to the next level on 22nd August 2009.

Its awaited now.

PS: The picture is Stolen from the Net. All due respect to its producers


Moi said…
whoa!!!!!!! Congratulations......:) an wish you all the happiness in the coming times......

I kinda disappeared the last year on my non-photo blog....but I am back now......remember moi???? :)

PS: am very glad to hear about this "next level" thing....though you tried to be as cryptic about it as you could on the post :)
Radha said…
congratulations! :)
Reeta Skeeter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
@ Moi:
Of course I remember u!

Many thanks!

how have you been?
@ Radha,

@ SkeeTEA:

Jas Bhambra said…
Wow! Congratulations! Truly year 2009 is a year of weddings and happy beginings.
tks a lot

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