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I lay on the bed with clothes strewn.
Crumpled and pushed in a bundle at the edge of the bed. The pilow over it

Inteha- Jagjit's latest album playing on the winamp - which had been captured lately by newly received Spanish and Italian numbers.

I was magically transported to my college hostel room.
Manish would play his Marasim with the Yellow bulb glowing in his corner of the room and he would be there.
Just there.

As if... inside the title track.... Haath Choote hai toh rishtey nahin choota karta...

It flashed back so vividly.
The campus roads
The hangouts....
The guys and the girls with whom we played what now seem like games only!
The rides on tractor-backs loaded with wheat or sugarcane.
Hot summers and "Tandoori Aloo Parathas with Lassi" at Bhola's Dhaba!
The the drowsy lectures that entailed where would be busy playing BULL-COW on paper to keep us awake.
The sights of fights during the exams and what followed....

My thoughts just flowed into the time that seemed like soothing simple music of the tracks playing.

The sms woke me out!

Our mind is an awazing thing for sure!


Reeta Skeeter said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reeta Skeeter said…
Tandoori Aloo Parathas with Lassi

pitai hogi!
Moi said…
Jas Bhambra said…
Amazing it is, this mind of ours...all it needs is a whiff of something, be it music, a fragrance, and it recreates the times gone by!

How have you been?

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