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Free Will // GOD

During my discussion witha collegue about some complicated situtaion, he went off into a tangent asking me, "Which God do you Believe in?"

Some situtaions, he said, are amazing tackled by God! 
Being incharge of Production, earlier, he went on to talk about a certain past event:

"I knew those were inferior samples, but the needed to be tested, and just when the HV test would begin, I would close my eyes and say, OM SAI BABA! and as if my Magic the test would pass"

I smiled.

Much later, I was thinking on why and how we complicate our lives with so many possible outcomes of the future, and utilize our minds in thinking about them. Even trying to solve those possible complications.

Often these extra thoughts (Read Energies) manifest into possible realities. ( also read here )
Dont all of do this once in a while?
If then , Then? 

And when we leave things to Free Will, we dont think of possibilities. Negative, positive, desirable or undesirable! We just let it be.
We LET the best course arrive on its own. Like the flow of water.

It leaves us with so much more CALM.

Free Will


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