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What do you live for?
some of us live for today. Live in the present moment they say!
Some live for the tomorrow which keeps running in their minds. Oh the so elusive tomorrow.
And then there are those who live for the day after tomorrow... When this will happen then that will happen and when that happens THEN THAT will happen and then I will feel like .....
Feel like?
So it is the feeling..... Like this and like that, that we live for? Is it?
Our dreams, desires, projections of the future..... For the feeling
Feeling THAT moment
Plan to predict that exact moment to calculate that exact feeling which is to be felt Then!
But then! What all changes by Then?
How many moments passed?
To reach THAT moment?
Moment by moment, they just passed.
And we live on.....
Moment by moment for the moments


Jas B said…
Moments pass, waste away, while we wait for the moments that we want in our life...
Well said, Abhishek: "And we live on, moment by moment, for the moments."

Good to see you on your blog again! :) I hope you are doing awesome.
hello hello

yes Me doing good..
just that... stuck in the moments...
Manish Juneja said…
Moments create time, we all have finite time , finite moments , living for some of the handpicked moments which are yet to be realised is actually living in illusion, better is to hold every moment just enough so that u can feel it, and then let it go as it has to go anyway...
just live in the moment, moment by moment, for the moment and live larger than life ...
starry said…
Hey nice to see you back.I live one day at a time.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

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