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It is clearly a long time now that I wrote
Sitting in a train with the music playing I look back and try to remember when I would have dreamt or creating such a moment in my life
Maybe it was a movie I saw or an ad where the tech savvy hero is seen playing with his phone/ gizmo.
What is interesting to note is that my belief that making dreams a reality is strengthed year on year.
All we need is infinite bank of positively, time and perseverance. And its all possible
But all so often I am against the wall, trying to be certain of what I really want in my life?
It is elusive? Or is it like a puzzle that I need to solve?
It drives me to strange places in my head often.
I am often in awe when I see swarms of people all around running to meet their goals dreams and desires. But question is all of those things have happened, maybe not always. Most of the things they are trying to run behind are not new or different! That much Money, that car, that house, that promotion, that pat on the back from that person. . . .be like that person.
What else?
Maybe my current mind vision is limited. How many of us dream to do what has never been thought of. Do you have desires to dream and do what was never thought of?
this is probably why I like writing, it helps me clear my mind. I think I want to do something like that. Something so unique that its takes a good enough time for people around to absorb that what just happened here?
But the elusive question remains
What is that?
How to find that right driver for myself?
The driver that brings the desired change?


Jas B said…
Hi Abhishek! Wish you a very Happy New Year!

Dreams and hopes, some extraordinary can achieve, you are right, time, faith and perseverance is required...but sometimes destiny (if you believe in it) plays a huge role in whether they are realized or not...that does not mean we should stop working towards them...sometimes the mundane problems overshadow everything... to find that right kind of driver in ourselves that would bring the desired change...don't know as of yet...
Anonymous said…
人類最偉大的力量,就是心中有希望。 ..................................................
Manish Juneja said…
What do I say on this ... yes the challenge is to bring out Clarity from Chaos that too with authority :)

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