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The Teacher

Have ever Flunked/Failed?
Where? In School? That "F" Grade in the report card? When that happened, what you needed to do? Repeat the class (or the subject) Right?

Now have you ever noticed, somethings ; some people ; some situations ; some "TYPE" of people REPEAT in your life!
Like you change your job but still have a typical type of colleague / boss/ subordinate again.
Always get into same / similar problems.
you change ur mate and end up getting a similar one again!

You have been ;and life wants you to learn yourself; on your own.
Life is this smart teacher that way. It does not show you and "F"; simply; silently and smartly makes you repeat!
Its up to us, the faster we learn; the faster you graduate to the next level in life.


Manish Juneja said…
Yes Dost!!!
Mere jaisa similar dost mila kya tujhe waise? Mujhe to koi tere jaisa mila nahin !!!!:)
Any way nice thought , keep blogging !!!
I silently visit your blogs often!!!
Viveki said…
This last week has definately made me repeat the subject of 'life's interwoven relationships' again... n each step graduates u to another one.. its a never ending ladder till you reach the doorway to heaven.... reminds me of ur post 'clay' - what do u want to make of it???
happiness always
more inputs later...
Fighter Jet said…

true to an extent....
Anonymous said…

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