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It happens with me often, that i go into the spiral of thoughts.
Today's Trigger : The National Anthem (that plays before Any Movie in the theater; i think it happens all over maharshtra)
I am usually looked upon as a NON-Patriot! What a shame! Are you not proud of your Great country; motherland.. etc.
Well i wont even go in the direction that Points to How Great is "Eendia" coz of the polly-ticks and all that Jing Bang.
AS always i'll go in a different tangent.....

We love to divide ourselves in groups. Dont we? Right from our Skool dez: Class; section; (red/yellow) house; his team ; her team; right upto: compaineez; uniforms; cadres.. and so on.
And we dont jut stop there. No!
I am not talking about housing societies and religions, it goes upto countries ; walls; armies and everything. (someone said patriotic.. ok.. read on)

Why do we group up as human beings? And make teams. -----------------------------One of the Questions!
Are we afraid? (Smiles again)
(by the way::: How many times in your own life have you noticed the motive of your existence as a aim/ focus/ definition change in your life term. to Skore good marks; be a good child; TOP IN CLASS/ COLLEGE/UNIV; Get the Best Job; (L)Earn more; good spouse; Good parent ( err... live your life??.. what is that?)... well this is a different post only... so later in this direction...)

Isn't most of this very similar in some or the other we. I am sure Some of us want to do something different. But are we really in for it.
ONE of things which we are afraid of.. AFRAID OF is the uncertainty.
a group of pre-historic men and women with children walking in wood at dusk; and they hear repetitive; un explained sounds.WHAT WOULD THEY DO? GROUP TOGETHER!
:- and when a lone one of them who is also away from the group reaches them he feels safer! Doesn't he?

IMAGINE (Today's age)
Too many people on a street. To many! So many that it is a crowd. And you dont seem to know anyone. They are all dressed differently; speaking different languages! And YOU SPOT SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS your language and looks and dresses like you. You simply veer toward that person and talk and feel SAFER/ comfortable!

We have reproduced and spread so much that NOW We are scared of each other! And we will do everything for our comfort. And starting with Grouping-up. This Grouping-Up; which will lead our Minds to Think of US and THEM!
Right from our neighbourhood; where we yell on the messy one who Doesnt HAVE MANNERS (the Odd one out; the one who does NOT FIT OUT GROUP)

and then right upto: OTHER religions; SECTS; colors; nations; countries and so on!
( and then i realise that the intermission of the movie i was watching has arrived!!)

Me and my MM's! (MM= One of the tags to this post .. :P)


J said…
And YOU SPOT SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS your language and looks and dresses like you. You simply veer toward that person and talk and feel SAFER/ comfortable

No buddy.. I don't.

Oh and they play the national anthem in bangalore too.
ur not from this planet dude!

am talking about AAM AADMI.. most junta!

ur blog private or u just made it disappear..?
ravi said…
hey is it not common for all of us to look for groups , we feel comfy in grps , bheed mein bahut anand ata hai na ? In Bombay, people feel safe bcz of crowd
and moreover , we all are trying to get confirmation from others that we are doing things rite, and therefore feel happy when we find like minded people
Rauf said…
all the patrioteeks, desh bhagts, given a chance, would take the first flight out of the country and never come back
'Mera Bharat Mahaan' they shout
'we carry our sanskaar traditions culture in our hearts where ever we go
wow ! how convenient !

hi Abhishek How are you ? hope you are fine.
Teekhi Mirchi said…

u write!!!



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