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bomb blasts happened yesterday and today in blore and ahmdabad
i returned a few days ago from a famili get-to/vacation from out of India, where we met this guy who works for 15 months and travels for the next 12 and repeats, coz that is what he lieks to do. He has ony done 34 countries till now.

Just now i was talking to my local grocer while buying some lemons to try the new tequila, he was relating about the blasts he witnessed in Mulund and the macabre that was!

i realised that human lives are such local phenomenon. Only due to cognitive behaviour, and advancements our IQz are better now.
but still
our lives and very trivial
trivial enuff to be lost
lost in making ourselves in line with expectations of
the normal
of the PEOPLE/norms/
of those patterns which have been found common and set to normalise things

Not those spikes in patterns which have brought about all the changes in lives/technology and learnings
It is human
to live by and in
by and in

did u know that our brain stops processing
- sounds
- etc
because they are regular.
To minimise the load on the brain.

Question is ..
do u know what you are?
or want?
or u r still living under the noise.
noise to normalize our liefs!


Radha said…
well said, abhishek!
vishesh said…
nice post...true we all just get used to our local area...maybe we need something for my identity see this...
shooting star said…
monotony...thats what im really scared of......trivial things..its got more to do with what things one thinks is trivial.....
nice post!!!
The Shrew said…
I'm glad you took some time off. Hope it was nice.

I'm going in a while for 10 whole days of introspection. I'm not sure if it will be enough but how many of us can really say they know themselves? We live too fast, too soon and we're too busy. We're a strange generation. Computers and internets, internet businesses, tech and communication leaps.

Did you read in the newspaper that a email was sent out 5 minutes before the blast from an American couple's computer? They lived in the sanpada area. Whether they were connected to the blasts or their IP's were hacked is being investigated. I'm rambling but I purposefully stayed away from blogging about this. My friends and I discussed it, but honestly, I've lost words.

This is an yearly phenomenon now. They hit the financial and economic strongholds of the states above and below Maharashtra and I was mother sure we were next. I guess we're spared for now. No idea for how long. This is beginning to feel like Tel-Aviv.

Well let's just live, it's the only way to fight those who bring death. Or is it?

I don't know.

As an aside, you're tagged as I said on chat. Click Here and do the tag! It's a social experiment+shaking up things a bit+how does user experience differ+make it entertaining kinda thing. I want to see what you come up with!

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