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Its been like static.
The need to define. What I want in my life partner.
I think now, everyone i know and don't know has already questioned me about the woman of my life.
I have some very interesting set of friends with different views. So many girls/women i know have their own versions of who women are and what they should be.
Without going towards the works of Desmond Morris, I have my own opinion.

Some may find this opinion sexist, but fact remains that a woman is not a man.
Having said that, I will not go into much detail of what is manly work or womanly work. Lets not try and get into the nitty-gritty. Right from cleaning houses, cooking etc to riding a bike, or driving a train or a plane or even building huge empires (read companies in today's context).
Both men and women can do all that.
Though not all MEN and all WOMEN can do all.
So many women i know just cannot maintain houses or cook or do all those "things" which are type-casted as their role.

THIS is where the key lies: Type CASTING.
Who does it. You may say: the Society!! ( ah!)
Society is like a mirror reflection of the perception of us Humans' roles in the constantly changing socio-economic-political scenario. ( please tell me if you dont get this line, I can explain this if you dont get it...)
We often challenge and boo at (the so called) society. But society is always right in making opinions views and RULES. Only problem is that those rules are for a specific (time)period, region and environment, but OUR INERTIA, makes it difficult to let go of these ideas even when all those parameters have swiftly drifted into new ones.
Most of the super(duper)stitions (Superstitions) are very very logical, especially if seen from a the point of view of that time and that community. (IN FACT ALL)

So if a woman of today, feels that why should men have all the fun( supposedly)? and that they too can do everything that men can. Sure they can.
But!! till the time we are biologically different; i am more happy to be with a more womanly woman. Someone who is logically able to define her roles and duties keeping in mind both (Without going overboard), the new world around her and the fact that she is physically, mentally and emotionally a different TYPE of human.


vishesh said…
on the society part...i still feel human beings are a bunch of humbugs when put together...everyone has a set character in their mind and yet they fail to understand what they think...when one person says a law,they follow it without questioning the reason,leave the modern ones,they don't bother doing even the olden day logics...and sometimes all of us feel the same thing and when we become the society we doing something opposite...
Miss Divine said…
Hey. That sounds cool, in fact just Normal - the way it should be. I may sound oldfashoined here, but I truely feel that The women today need to understand and accept the fact that though they can achieve everything their counterpart can, they Are different. Physically, psychologically, biologically ... And isn't that wonderful?
It may take another few generations or so for our women to get past the shock of this newly found freedom/independance, and then really find a fine balance and to accept their beautiful being as it is
Miss Divine said…
BTW wish you all the best for your search :-)
priyanka's said…
Nice post. :)
shooting star said…
hmmmm.we had a chat on this when we met up......well..i do agree with you that a woman in not a man...and vice versa...!!!
@ Vishesh:
Ur simple comments aare usually very to the point!
@ Miss divine:
Many thanks for your wishes!

its good to see someone in agreement!
ur welcome to this and other blogs of mine
@ Priyanka
@ SS:
oh yes,.
I recall too!
and the walk back

it ws good time! tks
Manish Juneja said…
I know this is not Gender Tutorial. Actually when i read this post , I was more interested in reading the comments!!!! People reactions and what our society reflects (in ur words), what is the mirror image of this blog. to my surprise , none of the comment was aggressive and contradictory. Every girl/lady/woman accepted your thoughtfulness.

So fact remains fact that woman is a Woman and Woman is not equal to Man. Dont fight ... the reason is quite simple they are different because both the words are different. Why would there be different words for the same thing. If you get into Paryavaachi mode, essence of the word or timeliness of the owrd , when to be used , where to be used is always different. Now the inference is , when to be a Woman and when to be a Man in WOMAN MAN merged life is the key.
Funny inference is WOMAN = WOMB + MAN.
But easier said than done.
There is always a reason behind every reason. Only HE (GOD)knows the reason.
Another perspective is Some times Beauty is to watch and not to analyse, it will give you more pleasure if you watch natural beauty. All woman are naturally woman. Do watch them. Dont analyse.
If you debate you may loose CHARM and Shraddha. They say questioning Spiritual thoughts will not help you prove that you know more than what you know, or you are Scientific. It just deletes your faith. So have faith and dont question the philosphy of existence.
Trust me WOMAN are really special , so thats why a MAN woo WOMAN.
Some times comments are larger than posts. People who are irritated and lack patience may leave now.

Good Job Buddy
JuNJie (as you say)

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