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have had a lot of movement all last fortnight.
Was also in a movie theatre multiple times. You know the tradition we have in Maharashtra... the National Anthem.
Then started the movie about "Stark Industries" ( if you have seen it you know it)
Prolly another Hindi movie black and white and not to mention Khuda ke liye.
With all this inside the head, and me travelling here and there meeting different people for work is heady mix.

Its usually found in the newspaper: racist comments were passed.
What race are we talking about?
I mean Hello, i thought we were all humans! Its one race ain't it?

We keep making different groups, communities, cultures, languages, boundaries, countries, flags, national anthems, etc etc etc.

You know why?
Because we are all Cowards! yes! I said it.
We need to make a group, to stand together to fight the odds.
What started as a group to fight adversaries of animals, environment etc has today become something very different.

It is strange that prolly we are the only "RACE" who would kill each other.
Like goldfish, which has a memory span of a few minutes, we as humans forget that we are we! not different Races!

the Movie I Day July fourth, rightly brought out the view that only an International cause/ calamity can bring the "race" together.

I am pained to see so much pain around for no reason!


vishesh said…
:) we are a - race,
but we cannot face,
our own gaze :)
Ash said…
Hey Vishesh that rhymes and rhymes well

what about the hard core-conservative ideals we have about marriage, religion and family.. pollution and purity... we all are racist in one sense...because we all habour such feelings..... deep within... :(
you are the lil champ buddy!!
tks for ur ryhme
you are the lil champ buddy!!
tks for ur ryhme
@ Ash:

just a little view..



jus kidding!!

abt ur comment:
see, the core ideals are again.. specks lying inside a huge blog of humanity!
Ash said…
Thanks for complimenting me on my name :) I'll read your post now!

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