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Why Marriage

"Social reality evolved between two to four million years ago, when a species of 'Southern Ape' ( Australopithecus afarensis) began to walk on two legs. At that time, the early hominids developed complex brains, tool-making skills and language, while the helplessness of their prematurely born infants led to the formation of the supportive families and communities that became the foundation of human SOCIAL LIFE" pg 3, the hidden connections by Fritjof Capra

It is worth noticing that humans are among the very rare species whose children spend the longest time ever to become independent!

They need a support system. Family! Society!

the supposed inflection point / change referred above billions of years ago is causing those billions of people i am in contact with whose names start from A to Z and any other letter known to tell me that I SHOULD GET MARRIED!!
Can you beat that? Beat that here is beat the inflection that happened THEN!


Reeta Skeeter said…
LOL @ he supposed inflection point / change referred above billions of years ago is causing those billions of people i am in contact with whose names start from A to Z and any other letter known to tell me that I SHOULD GET MARRIED!!
So does this post mean you have found your answer to the Why Marraige question?
@ RS:
I do know he logical answer to the question of Why marriage, no doubt.
WHat I dont know that if our surrounding environment has morphed out sufficiently, that the basic defination of many things we consider in our socienty should change or not!?
Mez said…
Hi Abhishek,

I have a Bloggerville Crush Confession post on my blog for which ppl are dedicating mssgs to their crushes. Someone has left an anonymous message for you which goes like:


I am not a very regular reader of your blog, but I know you are a good writer. You are an amazing photographer too!
Apart from all that, I find you very attractive and handsome and not to mention cute (esp your dimples).
We don't talk much these days, perhaps because both of us are busy and well you just stopped logging in on the messenger.
We have flirted a little bit, but only playfully.

I will leave it on you to guess who I am and if you think you know me, do let me know!

Wish the best for you always!

U can have a look at it in the comments section of my latest post titled as Bloggerville Crush Confessions. U can reply to her mssg on my post itself.

- Mez (owner of the blog)
mmphh (*snickers*)
hmmmm... er....... i see

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