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Conspiracy Theory

““When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.””
Paulo Coelho quotes

Now Situation:

A person wants ( deeply desires ) something and... yes.. the UNI-verse* CONS-pyres* to hellP* achieve !! And now the other person deeply desires / wants / wishes another thing, which is in complete conflict of "A person"'s Deep desire!


Pertinent question arose out of two situations:

1. When father living in one city had a sleepless night as he was deeply worried about something: Son #1( oblivious about father's worries) in city #2 also had sleepless night and had negative thoughts about father. Son# 2 ( also oblivious about father's worries) in City #3 all-so* could not Sleep.

2. Girl and boy are nearly seeing each other, but break off. Much later girl's brother (husband) and girl's SIL (wife) are concerned about girl as she is going through a rough patch! Now Husband and WIFE who know boy very well, persuade him. They deeply desire that the girl any boy be together. Girl and / or Boy may-not / DO NOT want to be together.

Point # 1 : Connection and Connectivity Theory ( of Author)
Point # 2 : Conspiracy Thoery ( Of Paulo Coelho, another Author)

Keeping above two in mind, Question Here: Who is the universe here and what will it do in case of "A Person" and in case of girl and boy?

* excuse the pun intended by the Phonetically challenged author


vishesh said…
to quote myself "man's job is to break inability,
to achieve or not is destiny.

at every point we have wants...we are unable to achieve them because deep inside we don't want that...we lead ourselves into the fall...destiny is created by us...i.e. the universe...

"the goal is infinite, the paths are infinite, the ways are infinite, the universe is infinite, all paths lead to infinity."
Aditi ''Jiggs'' said…
good one
philosophy when put into real life can be really funny
priyanka's said…
Hey thanks for the comment u left on my post!
and a gud post this one...arguing on the Alchemist theory..
but why dont u apply it to something deeper than superficial fears and arguments..
Isnt tht all we r now becoz we once deeply wanted that..something conspired to help us get whr we r?
Let me know ur view on this too.
@ Skeety:

:|+:|= :||= :))
@ Vishesh:
OK Boss.. you beat me.. in the spirals of the unknowns..
@ Jiggs:

well, I think the fill-os-o-filley*.. is real life only...
@ Priyanka:

well.. i supose, you dont get my confusion: i agree what weare is what we deeply desired.. but what about conflict ? If two desires conflict with each other of two different people..hope ur getting my mind-path?
priyanka's said…
I dont think u can deeply desire something to happen to others or deeply desire someone to behave according to your line of thought.
Conflict mainly arises out of the expectations we have from others. Well, in self-conflict nobody can deeply desire anything for self. And the universe cannot conspire for u.
What u think?
@ Priyanka:
you have negated the premise of my post..."And the universe cannot conspire for u.

ab what to say... I still think !!
priyanka's said…
im talkin abt the conflict situation dude..
u cannot be in deep conflict between 2 or more things and still deeply desire one thing...
so it wont work in that scenario..
@ Priyanka:



what I am trying to say is that:

"A" wants smthing and THE universe will conspire to help "A"

now "B" wants smthing which is opposite of "A". and as per Paulo, the Universe will conspire for "B" as well..
So there will be conflict in the Universe....

this is Inflicting !!
Reeta Skeeter said…
Oooooh ab samajh aya!
Anonymous said…
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Chakoli said…

philospy also have some exceptions...:-)))
@ Reetre!!

(loud clapping)

priyanka's said…
did u get ur answer or are confused still???
Reeta Skeeter said…
ty ty :D
Anjuli said…
Mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aaya! :-(
Manish Juneja said…
I know the brother and the sister. also the husband and wife and their intented desire ( because of the Universe conspire) all well!!!!
Good one friend !!!
Friend and Brother are watching and are with you always !!!!

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