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The Smell..
Of chilly air
Of Wood burning

The Beat
Of the Dhol
Of your heart
Of your feet

The Warmth
Of the fire burning
Of the smiles Turning
Of the cat calls of the Chaddi-Buddies

And I am Here..
at 30 Degrees of heat
and Unknown Degrees of seperation


in the Sea- of people.. amid people running helter skelter to meet the ends ......... ends of the dreams that keep changing with every new sparkle that gets visible!

What am I doing here?


Bastet said…
You are doing something that you believed in when you started off, believed in so much that you felt it was worth giving a shot..

well tru it is...
there are somethings that happen by chance and some by choice!!

Reeta Skeeter said…
:D @ post
What are you doing there?
The answer lies within :P
--Sunrise-- said…
I don't know. :-)
Trinnie said…
nice... and refreshing! :)

lovely to see such a free flow of thoughts.
Moi said…
finding your niche under the sun????
Q:- what r u doing here??
A:- the truth is out there..

well written Mr. Chabbra. Wish wat u looking for hits u on ur head soon :D
Kevin Blight said…
When I started, thought you were writing about Lori. When I finished, I got confused... good poem :)
shooting star said…
hmmmm....that's the irony of life...we run for something we dont know...and then we realise...where are we and what are we doin???
Anjuli said…


everything is okay...
Jas Bhambra said…
Deep, eh.

Similar thoughts run thru my head at times.

Sometimes when I look into the mirror, I cannot even recognise myself (in my case it may be senility setting in! he he he he)!!
what within...
M-tea it ees!

@ Sunrise:
hey trinnie:
ty !
@ Moi: well trying..
dunno if i am looking foa niche.. or what though!
@ SWF::::
oye hu is this Mr. Chabbra????

auntie jee???
@ KB:
gee tks pal
@ SS:
Han yaar...
As Aby sez: Yehi toh iss khel ki vidumbana hai
@ Anjuli:
hello there...
nice you have the left side of a bright face ( which is looking right)


I think as of now it is -38 degresssss.
Jas Bhambra said…
LOL @ your comment Abhishek. :D

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