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I have experianced them aplenty
And I am sure you all have too..

The life around you is too fast but your mind is able to capture those tiny details and you are existing in both the domains.

Music- fast but... your mind .. enjoying some of the slower paced moments of life.

Traffic -Everyone Impatiently trying to get 'There' faster and you are calm in your sphere..

'Your Sphere'!

Do you live in ur Sphere? Your world defined by you!

Or you live a life Defined by the World around?

What are your parameters of life?

Do you know?


Anjuli said…
I live in my sphere, what about u?
Solitaire said…
The sphere does involve other people..and sometimes they come modify my sphere and hence it is not my sphere anymore.
Reeta Skeeter said…
I live in a planet ruled by ME :D or sphere...or whatever you call it...But others do twist it at times...adding some salt here and some pepper there ;)
HAppy new year to u too Abhi.

Have a great one.

Kevin Blight said…
Well, atleast I try to live life in my own terms and in my own sphere. But life sometimes makes us step out of our own sphere. Guess it's not always our way :)
Moi said…
phew!!!!!! i need to THINK now!!! :)
--Sunrise-- said…

Of course I live in my own sphere!

PS: Hi! Long time!

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