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ooops... where did this post go!!
I think someone has deleted it delibrately...


Aditi said…
If its any consolation, most of us face the turmoil, and most of us dont have the answers. Life is discovery right?
hey... tell him, its time to look beyond n explore, tell him, happiness cant b found in wat ppl tell him to like/dislike. its abt tryin' new stuff, n somewhr it ll click... nw thats my passion, tell him its time to discover his own passion, not by deciding to or categorising and ticking off things point wise, but by random selection, tryin', wanderin' and yeah ...discoverin'.
ya, n also tell him that thr are duties, n a list of 'have to do's' one prepares... for oneself, but its wat he does betwn that n despite that, that ll bring happiness... n mayb a certain peace to the growin restlessness.

as an immediate cure...
i'd suggest he go n stand by the sea...
the power, restlessness, motion, n silent calm might just be an identification of his thghts...
n provide answers only he can give himself.

n hey! ...u gotta help him n support him throughout ;)
n bro... i mean all of that :)
Aditi said…
hey hey
that is cheating?
life also seems to cheat at
sebia said…
Life isnt fair always naa:)
smtimes u have to suffer and get cursed for the sins..u never committed:)
thnx fr dropping bye..
Aditi said…
Maya Cassis said…
someone deleted your post?
sad!and bad!!
Mon said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Well yes...but there is also the karma theory.. but.... well lets not get all that here..:P

@ Aditi: Double Hrmph ++++

@ Maya: Well someone yes.. but..kya bataye....
sebia said…
hulo abhishek..
yes theres karma theory..but smtimes..there are certain powers beyond our hands:p
nt here thn where
starry nights said…
its invisible,I can read it.thanks for visiting my blog site.
Neha said…
somoene? hmmmmmmmmmmm seems to me the culprit is right here!! i wanna read it!
@ all..
ee hee!
:(( i am so stuck...


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