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Decided to take an Auto/ rick to the airport.
Took out music and plugged in
There was the usual trrrrrr; the traffic.. the 'mucch-mucch' of the city.
I increased the volume. It was on random number as usual and clicked till I reached 'noise' of the music to numb the 'noise' of the road.

It was quite a feeling. I used to be on these roads more often than now. I used to drive around here for work... through the 'mucch-mucch'! I just dimmed the clutter by increasing the 'noise' and experienced the city.. in its true essence. the patterns...and I could not help myself flow into the spiral of life and work.

I was shaken out by the sudden swerve we took; as if brought one layer up; the layers on 'Inception'

But I was still few layers in; but the jerks in life dont stop...So they? No.. 'no pattern continues in the continuum'

and Then I pulled myself out completely, by increasing the 'noise' and seeing everything around me as the patterns in chaos.

I felt the silence in the 'noise'.

The the question recurred..." who am I?" "What am I doing here"... like the irritating noise; the questions recur.

and I need the 'noise' of life; of people ; of work; to constantly silence the 'noise' of the questions

The noise


MJ said…
indeed, noise within is muted with the noise outside. The noise of Who Am I is overpowered by everyone else but I because I am no different but part of everyone.
nadette said…
the noise that silenced my bothered soul...the noise that picked up my shattered dreams, the noise that made me whole again...the noise that calm my being...and the noise that nagged me who i am.
indeed, noise within is muted with the noise outside.

แตกใน xxx

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